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Computer Science and Information Technology
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About Us

The Department of Computer Engineering at Govt. Engineering College Ajmer is known for imparting state of the art education and preparing its students for real world challenges. The initial "computer-related" courses were started in August 2000 with the intake of 30 students in Computer Engineering and 30 in Information Technology. Currently the department is having an intake of 90 students in Computer Engineering and 60 in Information Technology at B. Tech level. We attract the brightest students from the state who score very high ranks in the engineering entrance examinations, for the PG course, department has an intake of 18 students in Computer Engineering, 18 students in Information Technology and 18 students in Software Engineering. At present, the department is having a 17 regular faculty and guest faculty also, whose interests span in almost all areas of Computer Science. Computer & IT department is having 9 Computer Labs and a Central Computer Center with latest computer configuration. Each lab is having capacity of 30 computers and Center is having capacity of 100 computers. All the computers are connected in local area network (wired and wireless) with Internet Connection of 1Gbps leased line link and 100 Mbps 1:1 bandwidth. Highly configured servers have been installed department is also having the latest CISCO routers and switches for networking.


  • To produce competent professionals in the field of computer science.


  • Prepare the students with strong fundamental concepts, analytical capability, programming, problem solving skills and strong ethics.
  • Provide opportunities to promote organizational and leadership skills in students.
  • To disseminate digital innovation among society.

Program Educational Objectives

  • Provide graduates to design and implement solutions for rapidly changing computing problems and information system environments.
  • To provide the imperative knowledge of science, mathematics and engineering fundamentals for a computer professional for competent problem solving ability.
  • To exhibit leadership capability, social and economic commitment and responsibility to protect environment.
  • To prepare the students for pursuing higher studies and develop research orientation.


The objective of the department is to prepare future generation computer professionals for long-term career in research, technical development, and applications. The curriculum emphasises on program design, analysis and implementation, with both a strong theoretical foundation and relevant practical component covering various aspects of computing and computer communications.


The department has experienced faculty members specialized in Compiler Design, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Computing, Multimedia, RDBMS, Computer Networks, Data Communication, OOPS, Data Structures and Algorithm, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Network Security, High Speed Networks, Theory of Computation, Mobile Computing, Design and Analysis of Algorithm and Data Mining etc.


1. With the coordination of Govt. Engineering College Ajmer to Ajmer Police, an android app named “Ajmer Police” is developed. The app can be downloaded from play store. The main objective of the app is to make contribution of citizens in avoiding non compliance of traffic rules. A citizen can use the app and upload the pics of various non compliances like without helmet driving, overloading, red light crossing etc. Second feature of app is to fulfil blood required with ease. The needy can post the requirement through the app and donor may donate blood. The third module is for providing help to senior citizen in case of any fear/emergency. The app is developed by a team of students Rohit Kamra, Laxman Mali, Mukesh Bhati in guidance with 3 faculty members Dr. Rakesh Rathi, Sh. Vinesh Jain & Smt. Jyoti Gajrani.

2. Sh. Prakash Meena is senior member IEEE and Joint Secretary IEEE Rajasthan Subsection. He is advisor and mentor IEEE student Branch, Ajmer.

3. Mrs. Jyoti Gajrani visited University of Bordeaux, France for R&D Work.

4. Sh. Atul Choudhary, Sh. H.R. Choudhary, Sh. Dinesh Kr. Khunteta, Sh. V. P. Sharma and Sh. Vinesh Jain have book published for RBSE Board Xth and XIIth for Computer Fundamentals and Programming.

5. Sh. Vinesh Jain is member of Board of Studies (CS & IT) at RTU Kota.

6. Sh. H. R. Choudhary is member of Board of Studies (CS & IT) at RBSE, Ajmer.

Program Outcomes (POs)

Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  • Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.

  • Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.

  • Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.

  • Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.

  • Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.

  • The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.

  • Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

  • Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.

  • Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.

  • Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.

  • Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.

  • Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the principles and working of the hardware and software aspects of computer systems.
  • Understand, analyze and develop computer programs in the areas related to algorithms, system software, multimedia, web design, big data analytics and networking for efficient design of computer-based systems of varying complexity.
  • Be acquainted with the contemporary issues, latest trends in technological development and thereby innovate new ideas and solutions to existing problems.


S. No Name Designation QualificationOffice Profile
1 Dr. Rakesh Rathi Assistant Professor & HoD Ph.D., M.Tech., B.E. G-39 (Main Building) View
2 Dr. Prakriti Trivedi Associate Professor Ph.D., M.Tech., B.E. F-32 (Main Building) View
3 Mrs. Jyoti Gajrani Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing), M.Tech., B.E. G-40 (Main Building) View
4 Sh. Atul Chaudhary Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing), M.Tech., B.E. View
5 Sh. Anil Kumar Tailor Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.E. F-33 (Main Building) View
6 Sh. Harji Ram Choudhary Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.E. F-34 (Main Building) View
7 Sh. Dinesh Kr. Khunteta Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.E. F-34 (Main Building) View
8 Mrs. Shikha Gupta Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.E. View
9 Sh. Vinesh Jain Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing), M.Tech., B.E. F-7 (Main Building) View
10 Sh. Vishnu Prakash Sharma Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.E. G-41 (Main Building) View
11 Sh. Prakash Meena Assistant Professor M.Tech. (Pursuing), B.E. G-42 (Main Building) View
12 Sh. Satya Narayan Tazi Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing), M.Tech., B.E. G-44 (Main Building) View
13 Sh. Sunil Kumar Khinchi Assistant Professor B.E. View
14 Sh. Dilip Sisodia Assistant Professor B.E. G-38 (Main Building) View
15 Dr. Neetu Sharma Assistant Professor Ph.D., M.Tech., B.E. View
16 Sh. Ravinder Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.E. View
17 Sh. Deepak Gupta Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.E. View

Faculty (NPIU - Asst. Professor)

S. No Name Designation Qualification Office Profile
1 Ms. Shalini Yadav Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.Tech. F-29 (Main Building) View
2 Mr. Pawan Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.Tech. F-29 (Main Building) View
3 Mrs. Anita Choudhary Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing),M.Tech., B.Tech. F-29 (Main Building) View
4 Mr Rakesh Verma Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing),M.Tech., B.E. F-29 (Main Building) View
5 Mr. Mohit Kumar Gokhroo Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing),M.Tech., B.E. F-29 (Main Building) View
6 Mr. Prem Shanker Yadav Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing),M.Tech., B.Tech. F-29 (Main Building) View
7 Mr. Anurag Jain Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.Tech. F-29 (Main Building) View
8 Mr. Satish Kumar Ray Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.E. F-29 (Main Building) View


S. No Name Designation
1 Ms. Anjali Choudhary Data Entry Op.
2 Sh. Vishal Balani Lab. Assistant
3 Sh. Ram Singh L.D.C
4 Sh. Nitin Kumar Bhati Technician Gr. ‘C’

Lab Specification

S. No LABORATORIES No. of Computer Number of Computers Configuration
1 Aryabhata Computer Centre 100 Intel (R) core(TM) I-5-6500CPU @ 3.20GHz - 3.19GHz Ram : 4GB (DDR4) Hard Disk : 500 GB
2 C. V. Raman Lab 30 Intel (R) Core 2 Duo E 7400CPU@2.88GHz - 2.80GHz Ram : 2GB Hard Disk : 160 GB
3 Homi J. Bhabha Lab 30 Intel (R) Core 2 Duo E 7400CPU@2.88GHz - 2.80GHz Ram : 2GB Hard Disk : 160 GB
4 M. Visvesvaraya Lab 30 Intel (R) Core 2 Duo E 7400CPU@2.88GHz - 2.80GHz Ram : 2GB Hard Disk : 160 GB
5 Venkatraman Radhakrishnan Lab 30 Intel (R) Core 2 Duo E 7400CPU@2.88GHz - 2.80GHz Ram : 2GB Hard Disk : 160 GB
6 Vikram Sarabhai Lab 30 Intel (R) Pentium D CPU @ 2.80GHz - 2.80GHz Ram : 1GB Hard Disk : 160 GB
7 A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Lab 30 Intel (R) core(TM) I-7 Ram : 4GB (DDR4) Hard Disk : 500 GB
8 Srinivasa Ramanujan Lab 30 Intel (R) Pentium D CPU @ 2.80GHz - 2.80GHz Ram : 1GB Hard Disk : 160 GB
9 J. C. Bose Lab 30 Intel (R) Pentium D CPU @ 2.80GHz - 2.80GHz Ram : 1GB Hard Disk : 160 GB

Server Specification

S. No Component Name Specification
1 CPU Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core Processor 1.9 GHz, 15 MB cache.
2 Chipset Intel Series Chipset C600
3 Slots 4 PCI/PCI, Express Slots
4 Memory 128GB 2RX4 PC3-12800 R DDR3 Upgradable to 384 GB
5 Hard Disk Drive 5X600GB, 10000 rpm SAS Hot Plug
6 RAID controller SAS controller with 1GB FBWC controller
7 Monitor 18.5” TFT
8 Video controller To Support VGA or above resolution
9 Keyboard + Mouse 101 Keys Mechanical Keyboard optical Mouse
10 Bays 8 or higher internal Hot plug bays
11 Ports 3 USB 2.0 port, Serial port
12 Cabine Rack Mounted
13 Certifications Windows, Red Hat Enterprises Linux, Novell
14 DVD ROM 8X or Better DVD RW Drive
15 Power Supply 460W or Higher hot plug power supply kit
16 Fan Gen 8 Fan
17 Networking Dual LAN (10/100/1000) Network card with asset tracking and security
18 Operating system Windows Server Latest version

S.No. Date Title Link
1 30/04/18 VI sem IT Java Programming Mid Term-I Q.P. & Solution View
2 12/03/18 II SEM Computer Programming-II Q Paper & Solution View
3 26/02/18 VI SEM CS TOC mid term -I 2018 Q.P. & SOLUTION View
4 24/02/18 VIII SEM CS RTS mid term -I 2018 Q.P. & SOLUTION View
5 23/02/18 VIII SEM CS DS mid term -I 2018 Q.P. & SOLUTION View
6 17/02/18 I SEM Computer Programming-I Q Paper & Solution View
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S.No. Date Title Link
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2018OWEB0171 14/12/18 VIII Sem CS Major Project Notice 2018-19   View
2018OWEB0170 14/12/18 Notice ( VIII Sem IT ) Students   View
2018OWEB0169 12/12/18 M-Tech ( I sem ) Practical Examination   View
2018OWEB0168 06/12/18 B.Tech Ist Year Mercy/Back 2018-19 of Programming for Problem Solving (PPS) / Computer Programming-I (CP-I)   View
2018OWEB0166 06/12/18 Mercy (only for VII Sem) & Back Mid Term Examination, 2018-19   View
2018OWEB0165 06/12/18 Revised Back & Mercy Test (III Sem CS & IT ) Examination 2018-19   View
2018OWEB0164 04/12/18 Mercy and Back 3 SEM CS & IT 2018-19 EXAMINATION   View
2018OWEB0163 28/11/18 SAR (IT) Notice For Faculty View
2018OWEB0162 26/11/18 M.Tech II Mid Term Time Table View
2018OWEB0161 16/11/18 IIIrd sem Time Table Mid Term II View
2018OWEB0160 14/11/18 Mercy (only for VII Sem) & Back Mid Term Examination, 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0159 24/10/18 Minor project Notice VII SEM CS View
2018OWEB0158 20/10/18 Groups for practical examination View
2018OWEB0157 16/10/18 Mercy Examination 2018-19 B.Tech V & VII Sem. CS & IT View
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2018OWEB0155 15/10/18 Practical Examination Time Table For B. Tech. V Sem & VII Sem ( CS & IT ) View
2018OWEB0154 15/10/18 Revised schedule classes of Btech first year section D,E,F,G View
2018OWEB0152 12/10/18 Final Year Cs Minor project_notice View
2018OWEB0151 12/10/18 PhD I Sem Exam Postponed View
2018OWEB0150 12/10/18 M Tech III Sem Supervisor Notice View
2018OWEB0149 06/10/18 CS Department M Tech Time Table View
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2018OWEB0147 05/10/18 Revised III & V and VII Sem Mid Term Time Table 2018 View
2018OWEB0146 04/10/18 Employability Skill Test Lab wise Schedule View
2018OWEB0145 03/10/18 VII Sem CS & IT Mid term (6/10/2018) Postponed View
2018OWEB0141 29/09/18 III & V and VII Sem Mid Term Time Table 2018 View
2018OWEB0139 17/09/18 Notice Ragarding Minor Project VII Sem IT Student View
2018OWEB0137 07/09/18 Minor project I demo Notice View
2018OWEB0136 07/09/18 Minor project I demo Notice View
2018OWEB0135 01/09/18 Students Mentors List View
2018OWEB0134 01/09/18 Committee for improve teaching learning methodology View
2018OWEB0133 01/09/18 Duty Chart I Mid Term Examination Main 2018 View
2018OWEB0131 01/09/18 Committee for BOE View
2018OWEB0130 01/09/18 Departmental Academic Calander Committee View
2018OWEB0128 30/08/18 TIME TABLE I SEM CS 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0126 30/08/18 TIME TABLE I SEM CS 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0125 30/08/18 Time Table I Sem. CS Session 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0124 30/08/18 Ph.D. Time Table for I Sem Session 18-19 View
2018OWEB0123 28/08/18 I Mid Term Examination (Main) View
2018OWEB0122 18/08/18 Revised Notice Regarding Expert Lecturer by Sh. Rakesh Verma View
2018OWEB0121 16/08/18 I Sem M. Tech Time Table for the Session 2018 -19 View
2018OWEB0120 16/08/18 Presentation given by Sh. Rakesh Verma on 17th August 2018 View
2018OWEB0119 31/07/18 Student List V & VII Sem View
2018OWEB0103 25/07/18 Notice Regarding Presintation of Ms. Anita Choudhary and Satish Kumar Ray View
2018OWEB0102 07/07/18 Minor Project Notice for VII Sem CS/IT Students View
2018OWEB0099 28/05/18 Departmental Resposibilities View
2018OWEB0098 19/05/18 Final Year CS & IT Project Exam Date View
2018OWEB0097 19/05/18 Final Year CS & IT Project Exam Date View
2018OWEB0096 15/05/18 Project Period Extension Order for Final Year CS & IT View
2018OWEB0094 14/05/18 Presentation of Ms. Shalini Yadav View
2018OWEB0090 08/05/18 Revised schedule of VIII SEM Practical Exam 2018 View
2018OWEB0089 02/05/18 GUIDELINES FOR B.Tech Project-II Report View
2018OWEB0087 02/05/18 Schedule of Back Improvement Test for FCP/FOC of II SEM on 04/05/2018 View
2018OWEB0086 23/04/18 Project evaluation daily report format for VIII sem CS & IT students View
2018OWEB0083 19/04/18 VIII SEM CS & IT PROJECT NOTICE View
2018OWEB0081 19/04/18 Back Improvement (FCP) & Mercy(CP-II) Test Time Table of 2 sem students of all branches View
2018OWEB0080 16/04/18 Notice for IV SEM CS & IT Students for Reschedule mid term test View
2018OWEB0079 16/04/18 IV SEM CS & IT Practical Exam TIME TABLE 2018 View
2018OWEB0078 13/04/18 Notice for Reschedule of QUIZ of CP-II for 2 sem students (All branches) View
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2018OWEB0075 11/04/18 IV SEM CS & IT Mid Term -II (MAIN) TIME TABLE 2018 View
2018OWEB0074 06/04/18 Presentation of students (Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Mr. Kirti Prashad, Mr. Vinit Tamboli & Mr. Mohit Goyal) on "Internet of Things(IoT)" View
2018OWEB0073 06/04/18 Notice for Revised timing of Remedial classes of CP-II (I year II sem students) View
2018OWEB0072 04/04/18 Presentation of Shri Deepak Gupta & Shri Satyanarayan Tazi View
2018OWEB0071 02/04/18 Schedule of Remedial classes (Extra classes) of CP-II under TEQIP-III for 2 sem students (All branches) View
2018OWEB0069 31/03/18 VI & VIII SEM CS & IT Mercy Test & BACK IMPROVEMENT TEST (MID TERM I ) TIME TABLE 2018 View
2018OWEB0067 26/03/18 VI & VIII SEM CS & IT MID TERM II TIME TABLE 2018 View
2018OWEB0064 12/03/18 PROJECT NOTICE VIII SEM CS & IT View
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2018OWEB0062 21/02/18 SEMINAR NOTICE VIII CS View
2018OWEB0061 15/02/18 Search order for Dead stock register View
2018OWEB0060 12/02/18 Presentation of Dr. Neetu Sharma View
2018OWEB0059 12/02/18 8 sem IT Seminar Guide list View
2018OWEB0058 09/02/18 8 sem CS Seminar Guide list View
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2018OWEB0056 05/02/18 Notice:B. Tech. VIII IT SEMINAR View
2018OWEB0053 03/02/18 Notice:B. Tech. VIII CS SEMINAR View
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2018OWEB0050 01/02/18 Notice:B. Tech. VIII CS & IT MAJOR PROJECT DEMO-I View
2018OWEB0047 20/01/18 Notice:Reschedule of Lab on 20/01/2018 View
2018OWEB0046 18/01/18 Expert Lecture on "Computer Network" for VI sem CS & IT students View
2018OWEB0045 18/01/18 PhD 1 SEM CS Literature review exam schedule View
2017OWEB0044 10/01/18 Notice:Reschedule of Lab on 11/01/2018 View
2017OWEB0042 26/12/17 Presentation of Mr. Vishnu Prakash Sharma & Mr. Harji Ram Choudhary View
2017OWEB0041 26/12/17 Presentation of Mr. Prakash Meena View
2017OWEB0040 26/12/17 Revised schedule of presentation of Mrs. Jyoti Gajrani View
2017OWEB0039 26/12/17 Presentation of Dr. Rakesh Rathi and Sh. Vinesh Jain on 26/12/17 View
2017OWEB0038 20/12/17 Presentation of Mrs. Jyoti Gajarani View
2017OWEB0037 14/12/17 PhD 1 SEM CS (Course Work) END TERM EXAM 2017 View
2017OWEB0036 06/12/17 Notice: B. Tech I year for Mercy Test of Computer Programming-I View
2017OWEB0033 01/12/17 Revised schedule of VII SEM Practical Exam 2017 View
2017OWEB0032 29/11/17 Urgent notice: Timing change of Practical Exam on 30/11/2017 View
2017OWEB0031 29/11/17 3 Sem CS & IT Back Improvement Test Time Table 2017 View
2017OWEB0030 29/11/17 PhD I SEM Mid Term-II Time Table 2017 View
2017OWEB0029 20/11/17 Time Table Mercy Test 3 sem CS & IT 2017 View
2017OWEB0028 17/11/17 Presentation of Shri Deepak Gupta View
2017OWEB0027 15/11/17 Practical Exam Time Table odd sem ( III, V, VII SEM) 2017 View
2017OWEB0026 07/11/17 M. Tech. Mid Term II TIME TABLE 2017 View
2017OWEB0024 30/10/17 Urgent notice for AICTE Survey for Faculty Member(Regular & Guest) View
2017OWEB0022 30/10/17 5,7 SEM CS & IT MID TERM-II(MAIN & BACK) TIME TABLE 2017-18(REVISED) View
2017OWEB0019 30/10/17 3 SEM CS & IT MID TERM-II(MAIN) TIME TABLE 2017-18(REVISED) View
2017OWEB0018 28/10/17 Urgent notice for AICTE Survey for III YEAR V semester students View
2017OWEB0017 27/10/17 Urgent notice for AICTE Survey for I year students View
2017OWEB0016 25/10/17 PhD Mid Term-I Time Table 2017 View
2017OWEB0015 24/10/17 3,5,7 SEM CS & IT MID TERM-II TIME TABLE 2017-18 View
2017OWEB0014 23/10/17 Staff member assigned for Labs & Room View
2017OWEB0012 03/10/17 Mercy Back Improvement Mid Test 2017 View
2017OWEB0009 08/09/17 M.TECH MID TERM -I TIME TABLE View
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2017OWEB0003 22/08/17 Project Notice 21/08/2017 View
2017OWEB0001 02/08/17 Project Notice for Final Year CS & IT Students View

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