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Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. This field first became an identifiable occupation in the latter half of the 19th century after commercialization of the electric telegraph, the telephone, and electric power distribution and use. Subsequently, broadcasting and recording media made electronics part of daily life. The invention of the transistor, and later the integrated circuit, brought down the cost of electronics to the point they can be used in almost any household object.

Electrical engineering has now subdivided into a wide range of subfields including electronics, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, radio-frequency engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, and microelectronics. The subject of electronic engineering is often treated as its own subfield but it intersects with all the other subfields, including the power electronics of power engineering.

Electrical engineers typically hold a degree in electrical engineering or electronic engineering. Practicing engineers may have professional certification and be members of a professional body. Such bodies include the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (professional society) (IET).

Electrical engineers work in a very wide range of industries and the skills required are likewise variable. These range from basic circuit theory to the management skills required of a project manager. The tools and equipment that an individual engineer may need are similarly variable, ranging from a simple voltmeter to a top end analyzer to sophisticated design and manufacturing software.


S. No Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. K.G. Sharma Associate Professor & HoD Ph.D., M.Tech., B.E. View
2 Dr. Indira Rawat Associate Professor Ph.D., M.Tech., B.E. View
3 Sh. Ajay Agarwal Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.E. View

Faculty (NPIU)

S. No Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Mr. Arjun Pareek Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.Tech. View
2 Dr. Nandkishor Gupta Assistant Professor Ph.D., M.Tech., B.E. View
3 Mr. Gyanendra Prakash Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.Tech. View
4 Mr. Dev Pratap Mahto Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.E. View
5 Mr. Amit Kumar Taneja Assistant Professor M.Tech., B.Tech. View


S. No Name Designation
1 Sh. Prem Shankar Sehwal Technician Gr. ‘B’
2 Ms. Janki Sharma Technician Gr. ‘C’
3 Sh. Praveen Kumar Sharma Technician Gr. ‘C’
4 Sh. Devendra Kumar Sandhya Technician Gr. ‘C’
5 Ms. Shikha Diwakar LDC
6 Sh. Vivek Katiyar Lab. Attendant


Electrical Machines Lab-I:

Year of Established: 2008
Major Equipment: DC Shunt Motor, Single Phase Transformer, Compound Motor, Control Panel ,Three Phase Transformer, Three Phase Auto Transformer, Rheostat, Wattmeter , Ammeter Moving Iron, Voltmeter Moving Iron

Electrical Circuit Lab (PSPICE LAB):

Year of Established: 2007
Major Equipment: OrCAD EDA Tools: 10 Users License Full Suite ,Consisting of: OrCAD Capture-10 License,OrCAD Capture CIS -10 License PSpice Advanced Analysis Option-10 License, PSpice SLPS Interface Option-10 License,Allegro PCB Editor & Specctra Auto router-10License OrCAD Signal Explore-10 License

Power Electronic Lab-III:

Year of Established: 2008
Major Equipment: SCR Characteristics Kit, Triac Characteristics Trainer, Power Supply, MOSFET Characteristics Trainer, IGBT Characteristics Trainer, SCR Trigger ring Circuit Trainer, Single Phase half Wave Controlled Rectifier

Electrical Workshop:

Year of Established: 2008
Major Equipment: Induction Motor, Induction Starting Panel, Modal of AC Squirrel Gage Induction Motor, Soldering Station, Single Phase Energy Meter, Hand Drill Machine, Multi meter

Advance Power Electronics Lab & Drive & Control Lab:

Year of Established: 2013
Major Equipment: 3φ Ac Voltage Regulator, Ac Φ Control Using Triac Diac ,Scr, Buck Boost Converters, Mosfet Chopper Trainer, One, Two & Four Quadrant Chopper, SCR Dc Circuit Breaker, Single Phase Pwm Inverter, Single Phase Cyclo Converter, Single Phase Dual Converter & Speed Control Of Dc Motor, Speed Control Of Dc Motor Using Chopper & Speed Control Of 1 Φ Induction Motor, Three φ Dual conv. Firing module, Three φ IGBT based power module, Three and half controlled convertors & speed control of DC Motor, Series Resonance converter

Power System Lab:

Year of Established: 2017
Major Equipment: Over Current Relay Study System, Percentage Biased Differential Relay System, Over/Under Frequency Relay Study System, Sequence Currents of 3-phase Transformer, Calibration of current transformer, Gas Actuated Buccholg Relay System
S.No. Date Title Link
S.No. Date Title Link
2018OWEB0022 09/02/18 Ist mid Term TT for 4th and 6th sem   View
2018OWEB0021 09/02/18 Ist mid Term TT for 4th,6th and 8th sem   View
2018OWEB0019 09/02/18 Viii sem. Seminar Notice   View
2018OWEB0018 03/02/18 Notice regarding attendance View
2018OWEB0017 31/01/18 Major Project Notice View
2018OWEB0016 31/01/18 Major Project Notice View
2018OWEB0015 23/01/18 8th,6th and 4th sem. Revised Time Table EE View
2018OWEB0014 16/01/18 Student Notice View
2017OWEB0013 15/01/18 Revised VI sem. TT View
2017OWEB0012 15/01/18 EE IV sem. Time Table View
2017OWEB0011 02/01/18 8th and 6th sem time table View
2017OWEB0010 04/12/17 3rd sem. EE mercy-back/back/improvement exam View
2017OWEB0009 29/11/17 Practical Time Table of 5th and 7th stu. of EE View
2017OWEB0008 27/11/17 I sem. BEEE Back/Re-Back Improvement Exam Notice View
2017OWEB0007 18/11/17 Practical Time Table of 3rd sem View
2017OWEB0005 07/11/17 Back and Mercy Back mid term time table of 5th and 7th sem. View
2017OWEB0004 03/11/17 2nd mid term time table of 3rd, 5th and 7th. sem View
2017OWEB0002 05/09/17 1st mid term time table of 3rd, 5th and 7th sem. View
2017OWEB0001 22/08/17 time table 2017 odd semester View

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