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Dr. Rohit Misra Principal

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"To dream, to think and to achieve guided by this motive, Engineering College Ajmer (An Autonomus Institution of Govt. of Rajasthan) is striding to pace ahead and touch the culmination of development. Academic excellence will always be the loadstar of every effort to provide the students the best available pedagogical help. This will certainly aid students to procure the best placement options which are also one of our priority considerations. Stimulated with this growth and success, there is no reason to not to believe that this institution will create its own niche on the national map with a stamp of its own. The combined efforts of the whole team are set to achieve this recognition level as soon as possible. To substantiate the dream recognition, it is very necessary to capitulate on the current trends and R & D will be our major work area to furbish the require facilities for further & higher PG courses especially related to CAD & CAM and VLSI. In addition to this, our aim is to design the curriculums as per the present mode of industrial working. As such the much wonted practical knowledge may be accumulated by the students. I hope the sincerity of our efforts, the nobleness of our dreams and accuracy of our vision will fruitfy itself in the form of making this institution the most sought for place among both Academicians & Industries."