Proctor section mainly deals with student affairs and is responsible for maintaining overall discipline. The section addresses student grievances and helps in maintaining an atmosphere of ambience in the college. Proctor Section is Divided in Following Sub Sections.

Anti Ragging:

Section is committed to eradicate the menace of Ragging. For this purpose Anti Ragging squads has been formed and students have been motivated to refrain themselves from this.


Section also bears responsibility for arranging scholarship from Samaj Kalyan Vibhag, Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan, Private trusts, government offices etc. These scholarships help academically bright students with weak economic background.


The Section also helps students to avail bus & train travel concessions during trainings & vacations.


Section is involved in admissions to B.Tech. Courses & P.G. courses


Attendance position of students is communicated to the proctor office from various departments time to time. Section is responsible for correspondence regarding short attendance of students.


One faculty counselors has been nominated for each batch of 25-30 students. Students can meet their counselor for any sort of problem they face.


  • Sh.H.S.Mewara

    Chief Proctor
    Govt. Engineering College Ajmer Barliya Circle,NH-08, Ajmer(Raj)305001 Tel:+91-9414340074 Email:

  • Dr.Deepak Jhanwar

    Deputy Chief Proctor

  • Dr.Adarsh Mangal

    Proctor Members

  • Sh.Guna Ram

    Proctor Members

  • Sh.Dilip Gehlot

    Proctor Members

  • Sh.Ajay Agarwal

    Proctor Members

  • Sh.Prakash Meena

    Proctor Members

  • Sh.Mahesh Manwani

    Proctor Members

  • Sh.Rajesh Raj

    Proctor Members