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2018OWEB0091 08/10/18 suspension order of B.Tech. Ist year 2018 Aatmik Ranjan Mishra   View
2018OWEB0090 28/09/18 Direct admission in B.Tech II Year Under LEEP 2018 Order Seat Matrix of Direct Admission under LEEP 2018 Last date 30.09.2018 View
2018OWEB0089 17/09/18 office order of Avnish singh S/O Arun branch mechanical engg. suspension 2018 View
2018OWEB0088 11/09/18 office order of Income certificate of Ist year TFWS Seat 2018 View
2018OWEB0087 11/09/18 office order of Income certificate of Ist year TFWS Seat 2018 View
2018OWEB0086 05/09/18 Cancellation order of suspension of students View
2018OWEB0085 30/08/18 B.Tech. 2nd year student of LEEP 2018 View
2018OWEB0084 30/08/18 Uniform of students office order 2018 View
2018OWEB0083 30/08/18 office order of sudents V and VII suspension 2018 View
2018OWEB0082 24/08/18 Retest form student information View
2018OWEB0081 21/08/18 office order of Attendance warning View
2018OWEB0079 16/08/18 office order B.Tech. Ist year section wise list of students View
2018OWEB0078 12/08/18 Tentative merit list for direct admission ( Out side Rajasthan Candidates) View
2018OWEB0077 12/08/18 Tentative merit list for direct admission (Rajasthan Candidates) View
2018OWEB0075 09/08/18 office order 2nd internal sliding list of students View
2018OWEB0074 03/08/18 B.Tech. Direct admission Ist year instructions and registration form View
2018OWEB0073 03/08/18 office order and internal sliding form View
2018OWEB0071 01/08/18 anti ragging office order 2018 View
2018OWEB0070 31/07/18 Commencement of Classes Ist year 2018 office order View
2018OWEB0068 31/07/18 Internal sliding list office order View
2018OWEB0067 20/07/18 Volunteer for first year admission student session 2018-19 office order View
2018OWEB0066 07/07/18 Steps to be followed for online fees deposit through PayUBiz View
2018OWEB0065 07/07/18 B.Tech.,M.Tech,MBA,MCA odd Semester registration order 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0064 05/07/18 students vipas vyas s/o mohan lal vyas college id 17CE59 , B.Tech. Ist year office order View
2018OWEB0063 04/07/18 B.Tech. V Semester registration order 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0062 29/06/18 Classes for V Semester and MCA V Semester will commence office order View
2018OWEB0061 29/06/18 Classes for V Semester and MCA V Semester will commence office order View
2018OWEB0060 23/06/18 Revised Fee Structure Admission 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0059 23/06/18 III semester branch change student college ID View
2018OWEB0058 31/05/18 Branch chage fee order 2018 View
2018OWEB0054 24/05/18 Application form branch change in II year b.Tech. session 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0053 24/05/18 office order of Branch Change in 2nd Year B.Tech. Session 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0052 05/05/18 Mentor report office order and list B.Tech. Ist year students View
2018OWEB0051 04/04/18 Students fee order View
2018OWEB0050 17/03/18 suspension order of students Jaikishan Khorwal M.Tech. student View
2018OWEB0049 07/03/18 Techno fest order of students View
2018OWEB0048 28/02/18 Enrollment document related deficience of B.Tech. Ist Year students 2017-18 View
2018OWEB0047 26/02/18 Student Relatad Voter ID Oder View
2018OWEB0046 23/02/18 Revised Registration Schedule View
2018OWEB0045 20/02/18 List of Unregistered Students of B.Tech & MBA & MCA View
2018OWEB0044 20/02/18 Cancellation order of suspension of students View
2018OWEB0043 16/02/18 PM. interaction with student 2018 View
2018OWEB0041 08/02/18 Suspension Order of B.Tech. students Mr. Jai Singh Parihar and Govind daga View
2018OWEB0040 31/01/18 Document receiving office order View
2018OWEB0039 31/01/18 Document related deficiency order View
2018OWEB0038 22/01/18 Remuneration amount approved to Web Casting officer 2018 View
2018OWEB0036 22/01/18 Google form for web casting officer 2018 View
2018OWEB0035 16/01/18 Live Webcasting from selected polling order HODs View
2017OWEB0034 04/01/18 B.Tech. ALL Semester and MBA,MCA,M.Tech. Revised Registration order View
2017OWEB0033 22/12/17 Registration Schedule MBA,MCA,M.Tech.for Even Semester View
2017OWEB0032 22/12/17 LDCs Duties for Registration form collection for II Semester B.Tech. Students View
2017OWEB0031 16/12/17 sumidha list of students View
2017OWEB0030 16/12/17 sumidha list of students View
2017OWEB0029 15/12/17 sumidha cheq list 02 View
2017OWEB0028 15/12/17 sumidha cheq list 02 View
2017OWEB0027 15/12/17 Sumidha cheqlist 01 View
2017OWEB0026 14/12/17 Revised order 2017 B.Tech II,IV,VI and VIII semester View
2017OWEB0025 01/12/17 Registration Forms View
2017OWEB0024 01/12/17 Office order Registration form View
2017OWEB0023 23/11/17 B.Tech Even Semester Registration order View
2017OWEB0022 21/11/17 proctor work distribution schedule session 2018-19 View
2017OWEB0021 16/11/17 B.Tech. Ist year and Leep 2nd year Enrollment related office order View
2017OWEB0019 16/11/17 B.Tech. Ist year and LEEP 2nd Year Enrollment related office order View
2017OWEB0018 14/11/17 Proctor work distribution 2017 office order View
2017OWEB0017 25/10/17 Enrollment fee order session 2017-18 View
2017OWEB0016 25/10/17 Office order for students B.Tech. Ist year and 2nd Year Original Document submitted for enrollment work View
2017OWEB0015 25/09/17 Office Order - Blood Donation Camp on 25.09.2017 View
2017OWEB0014 22/09/17 Combat 2K17 - Class suspension order View
2017OWEB0013 20/09/17 III,V, VII Semester Unregistred student list View
2017OWEB0012 19/09/17 Blood Donation camp time and venue View
2017OWEB0011 16/09/17 BLOOD DONATION CAMP ON 20/09/2017 View
2017OWEB0009 14/09/17 Revised Registration sechedule and Unregistred list View
2017OWEB0008 12/09/17 Revised Registration Schedule View
2017OWEB0007 07/09/17 short attendance format View
2017OWEB0005 06/09/17 Short attendance order View
2017OWEB0004 30/08/17 office order all students View
2017OWEB0003 30/08/17 B.Tech Ist year section wise list of students 2017-18 View
2017OWEB0001 29/08/17 office order Ist year View

Faculty Members

Name Designation
Dr. Devendra Chaudhary Chief Proctor
Dr. Amit Chatuvedi Proctor Member
Mrs. Shikha Gupta Proctor Member
Dr. Shikha Agarwal Proctor Member
Sh. Ajay Agarwal Proctor Member
Sh. Anil Tailor Proctor Member
Sh. Mahesh Manwani Proctor Member
Sh. Lalit Dusad Proctor Member
Dr. C.P. Jain Proctor Member
Sh. M.C. Khatri Proctor Member
Dr. Manish Badlani Proctor Member
Dr. R.P. Sharma Proctor Member


S. No Name Designation
1 Sh. Mukesh Kumar Sharma LDC
2 Sh. Satpal Lab. Attendant

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