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Store Section
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  1. Receive incoming goods
  2. Supervise unloading of material Count
  3. Check for damage/shortage and prepare report
  4. Fill Goods Inward / Day Book/ Daily Collection Register
  5. Arrange for inspection and complete the inspection
  6. Send goods to departments
  7. Send other documents to respective departments
  8. Ensure all storage facilities are in proper working order e.g. check for loose racks, damaged pallets etc.
  9. Ensure goods housekeeping (i.e. check for spillage of oils, dirty walls, obstructions).
  10. Check and count goods before issue
  11. Make entries Bin/Kardex (stock) cards promptly
  12. Ensure Receipts and Issues are correctly documented
  13. Ensure that rules and regulations relating to physical custody and preservation of stores are followed
  14. Ensure correct accounting of stores

Name Designation
Dr. Chandan Sharma Store Officer
Ms. Kavita Sharma Store Keeper
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma Store Keeper
S.No. Date Title Link
2018OWEB0004 22/06/18 Stationery and Printing item list View
2018OWEB0003 22/06/18 Requirement of stationery item order View
2018OWEB0002 22/06/18 Requirement of Printing items order View
2018OWEB0001 17/05/18 Photo copy machine for repairing requirment order 2018 View

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