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Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP)

The Ministry of Human Resource Development launched in December, 2002 the “Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme of Government of India (TEQIP)” which aims to upscale and support ongoing efforts in improving quality of technical education and enhancing existing capacities of the institutions to become dynamic, demand-driven, quality conscious, efficient and forward looking, responsive to rapid economic and technological developments occurring both at national and international levels. The Programme was conceived and designed as a long term project to be implemented in 10-12 years in 3 phases to support excellence and transformation in Technical Education in the country.

Name Designation
Dr. Ranjan Maheshwari Project Institute Director
Dr. U S Modani Coordinator
Mr. Ravindra Singh N.O. Procurement
Dr. Manish Badlani N.O. Finance
Dr. Adarsh Mangal N.O. Academics
Sno Date Title Link
2019WEB0246 2019-03-0720/02/19 Notice regarding Presentation of Dr. Adarsh Mangal   View
2019WEB0245 2019-03-0720/02/19 Revised Notice regarding Presentation of Dr. Manish Badlani   View
2019WEB0229 2019-03-0518/02/19 Notice for Mentor Visit Schedule by TEQIP   View
2019WEB0224 2019-03-0316/02/19 Notice regarding Presentation of Dr. U.S. Modani   View
2019WEB0222 2019-03-0316/02/19 Notice regarding Presentation of Dr. Manish Badlani   View
2019WEB0178 2019-02-2005/02/19 Purchase Order Startup-Cell View
2019WEB0143 2019-02-1430/01/19 Procurement Manual View
2019WEB0143 2019-02-1329/01/19 Letter of Appreciation View
2019WEB0080 2019-01-3015/01/19 Minutes Of Meeting View
2019WEB0068 2019-01-2409/01/19 Purchase Order of DigSilent Software View
2019WEB0067 2019-01-2409/01/19 Purchase Order of Electronic Device Lab View
2019WEB0066 2019-01-2409/01/19 Office Order regarding GATE Training View
2019WEB0065 2019-01-1702/01/19 Invitation Letter Civil Structural Engg. Lab. View
2019WEB0064 2019-01-1702/01/19 Invitation Letter Fluid Machanics and Hyderaulics & Hydraulic Manchines Engg. Lab. View
2019WEB0063 2019-01-1702/01/19 Invitation Letter Environment Lab. View
2018OWEB0075 2019-01-1228/12/18 Invitation Letter for Production Engineering Lab3- Surface Roughness Tester View
2018OWEB0074 2019-01-1228/12/18 Invitation Letter for Production Engineering Lab2- Tool Dynamometer View
2018OWEB0071 2019-01-1228/12/18 Invitation Letter for Production Engineering Lab1-Capastan Lathe Machine View
2018OWEB0070 2019-01-1228/12/18 Invitation Letter for Manufacturing Lab View
2018OWEB0069 2018-11-0925/10/18 Purchase Order of Microprocessor & MicroControllar Lab View
2018OWEB0068 2018-11-0925/10/18 Purchase Order of QEEE Lab. View
2018OWEB0067 2018-11-0420/10/18 Notice regarding Industrial Visit View
2018OWEB0066 2018-10-1429/09/18 Scanned Invitation Letter DIG Silent Software View
2018OWEB0065 2018-10-1328/09/18 Sample Invitation Letter Startup Cell View
2018OWEB0063 2018-10-1126/09/18 Office Order Regarding Meeting in GWECA View
2018OWEB0062 2018-09-2207/09/18 Scanned Office order for Swayam prabha DTH Setup Box View
2018OWEB0060 2018-09-2106/09/18 Notice for Mentor Visit Schedule View
2018OWEB0057 2018-09-2005/09/18 Invitation Letter R F Simulation View
2018OWEB0056 2018-09-1601/09/18 Invitation Letter Mechatronics Lab View
2018OWEB0055 2018-08-2914/08/18 Invitation Letter Wireless Communication Lab View
2018OWEB0054 2018-08-2914/08/18 Invitation Letter for Quotation for Supply of CCTV View
2018OWEB0053 2018-08-1803/08/18 Scanned Invitation Letter Ele.Engg High Voltage View
2018OWEB0052 2018-08-1803/08/18 Invitation Letter Ele Engg Machine Lab. II View
2018OWEB0051 2018-08-1531/07/18 Invitation Letter for LED TV View
2018OWEB0050 2018-08-1531/07/18 Invitation Letter for QEEE LAB (Digital Podium & Interactive Board) View
2018OWEB0048 2018-08-1531/07/18 Invitation Letter for Air Conditioner View
2018OWEB0047 2018-08-1430/07/18 Purchase Order of Industrial Electronics Lab. View
2018OWEB0045 2018-08-1430/07/18 Invitation Letter Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab View
2018OWEB0044 2018-08-1430/07/18 Invitation Letter Electronics Device Lab. View
2018OWEB0043 2018-08-1430/07/18 Invitation Letter Indust. Electronics Lab. View
2018OWEB0041 2018-08-1430/07/18 Purchase Order of Microprocessor Lab View
2018OWEB0040 2018-08-1430/07/18 Purchase Order of Microwave Lab View
2018OWEB0039 2018-08-1430/07/18 Purchase Order of Electrical Instruments Work Shop View
2018OWEB0038 2018-07-2712/07/18 Notice on Professional Development Training at IIM Trichy View
2018OWEB0036 2018-06-2914/06/18 Invitation Letter Quotation for ECE Microwave Lab. View
2018OWEB0035 2018-06-2914/06/18 Invitation Letter Quotation for ECE Industrial Electronics Lab. View
2018OWEB0034 2018-06-2914/06/18 Invitation Letter Quotation for ECE Microprossor Lab. View
2018OWEB0033 2018-06-2914/06/18 Invitation Letter Quotation for ECE - Instrumentation Workshop View
2018OWEB0032 2018-06-2308/06/18 Invitation Letter for Quotation for Supply of Furniture View
2018OWEB0030 2018-06-2207/06/18 Notice Regarding Nomination for IIM Kozikode View
2018OWEB0029 2018-06-1329/05/18 Notice on Professional Development Training at IIM Shillong View
2018OWEB0028 2018-06-1228/05/18 Notice (Procurement Packages Cancelled) View
2018OWEB0027 2018-05-0520/04/18 REGARDING DTH CONSENT View
2018OWEB0026 2018-05-0520/04/18 Office Order of GATE Coordinator View
2018OWEB0025 2018-04-2207/04/18 Invitation Letter for DigSilent View
2018OWEB0024 2018-04-1904/04/18 Invitation Letter QEEE Lab View
2018OWEB0023 2018-04-1531/03/18 Invitation Letter Electrical High Voltage Lab View
2018OWEB0022 2018-04-0824/03/18 INV_LETTER for Micro Processor View
2018OWEB0021 2018-04-0824/03/18 INV_LETTER Electronic Inst. Workshop View
2018OWEB0020 2018-04-0824/03/18 Guideline for TA DA for NPIU faculty & Regular Students of the College View
2018OWEB0019 2018-03-2914/03/18 INVITATION LETTER for Air Conditioner (TEQIP-III) View
2018OWEB0018 2018-03-2005/03/18 Notice on Professional Development Training at IIM Shillong View
2018OWEB0017 2018-03-1023/02/18 Order regarding submission of Assistant Professor (Under TEQIP-III) attendance View
2018OWEB0016 2018-02-2106/02/18 Notice View
2018OWEB0015 2018-02-0824/01/18 TEQIP-III Revised TA DA Rules View
2018OWEB0014 2018-02-0420/01/18 Attendance Format View
2017OWEB0013 2018-01-2005/01/18 Circular View
2017OWEB0012 2017-12-0823/11/17 Circular View
2017OWEB0008 2017-11-2510/11/17 General Guidelines for Activities under TEQIP-III View
2017OWEB0007 2017-11-1026/10/17 TEQIP-III TA DA Rules View
2017OWEB0005 2017-11-1026/10/17 Expert Lecure Bill Format of TEQIP-III View
2017OWEB0004 2017-10-1126/09/17 Permissible Non-Permissible Expenditure View
2017OWEB0003 2017-10-0318/09/17 Short Journey Bill Format View
2017OWEB0001 2017-10-0318/09/17 TA/DA Bill Format of TEQIP-III View

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