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Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP)

The Ministry of Human Resource Development launched in December, 2002 the “Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme of Government of India (TEQIP)” which aims to upscale and support ongoing efforts in improving quality of technical education and enhancing existing capacities of the institutions to become dynamic, demand-driven, quality conscious, efficient and forward looking, responsive to rapid economic and technological developments occurring both at national and international levels. The Programme was conceived and designed as a long term project to be implemented in 10-12 years in 3 phases to support excellence and transformation in Technical Education in the country.

Name Designation
Dr. Ranjan Maheshwari Project Institute Director
Dr. U S Modani Coordinator
Mr. Ravindra Singh N.O. Procurement
Dr. Manish Badlani N.O. Finance
Dr. Adarsh Mangal N.O. Academics
S.No. Date Title Link
2018OWEB0016 06/02/18 Notice View
2018OWEB0015 24/01/18 TEQIP-III Revised TA DA Rules View
2018OWEB0014 20/01/18 Attendance Format View
2017OWEB0013 05/01/18 Circular View
2017OWEB0012 23/11/17 Circular View
2017OWEB0008 10/11/17 General Guidelines for Activities under TEQIP-III View
2017OWEB0007 26/10/17 TEQIP-III TA DA Rules View
2017OWEB0005 26/10/17 Expert Lecure Bill Format of TEQIP-III View
2017OWEB0004 26/09/17 Permissible Non-Permissible Expenditure View
2017OWEB0003 18/09/17 Short Journey Bill Format View
2017OWEB0001 18/09/17 TA/DA Bill Format of TEQIP-III View

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