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NBA Accredited B.Tech. Branches (Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electronic Instrumention & Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering) Congratulations to RPSC AEN crackers Haruram Meghwal (ME 2013 -2017) PHED,Nitin Kalawat (CE 2013-2017) PWD,Durgesh Lohar (CE 2013-2017) PHED,Narendra Kumawat (CE 2014-2018) - WRD,Pooja Maurya (CE 2014-2018) - PHED,Lokendra S. Rajpurohit (CE 2014-2018)- PHED,Kavita saini (CE 2014-2018) - PWD,Shivam Gupta (CE 2012-2016) PHED,Tushar Agarwal (CE 2012-2016) PHED,Ravindra Sharma (CE 2012-2016) PWD,Vikas Jain (CE 2012-2016) PHED, Anil Gupta (CE 2012-2016) PHED, Praveen Seervi (CE 2012-2016) PHED, Mangilal Thory (CE 2012-2016) PHED,Mukesh Kumawat (CE 2011-2015) PWD,Aman Choudhary (CE 2011-2015) PWD,Rahul choudhary (CE 2011-2015) WRD,Mukesh Kumar (CE 2011-2015) WRD,Rajesh rar (CE 2011-2015) WRD,Malaram jat (CE 2011-2015) WRD,Sonia Chawla (EE 2011-2015) PHED,Selection from Engineering College Ajmer Students are required to visit their department page, examination page, proctor page regularly for updates


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