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"A" Grade Engineering College

Electronic Instrumentation And Control Engineering

About Us

Department of E.I.C was established with the objective of imparting quality education and Research in the field of Instrumentation and Control engineering and fulfills growing needs of industry with quality Professionals. We always welcome to join us brightest students and well-Qualified Faculty in tandem with overall development of individual as well Department.
The department has conducted many AICTE/TEQIP sponsored workshops. Our Staff members are specialized in thrust areas of technology and updating their knowledge by attending conferences, workshops and short-term courses.
Programmes Offered: Bachelor Degree in Electronics & Instrumentation and control engineering with intake of 60, plus 10 lateral entry students.
Facilities in the Department: The Department has a dedicated computer center with all systems networked through LAN. Our Department Lab facility includes Instrumentation, Process Control, Control System, Digital IC’s, and Data conversion, Electronics Circuits, Analog IC’s, MatLab, LabVIEW, Biomedical Instrumentation, transducer, Antenna Microprocessor, Micro-controller and DSP Labs. The students of some departments are carrying out their laboratories in our department.


  • The department strives to enrich professionals of high competency by providing quality education to meet the industrial and social needs.


  • To produce electrical graduates with high technical skills.
  • To incorporate innovative things in learning environment incompetence with industry needs.
  • To create research oriented mindset and focus in fulfilling growing demand of society through mentoring and motivation.

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Head Of Department

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Ajay Dadhich

Head of Department
Room: F-17

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Faculty - Associate Professors

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Dr. Hari Shankar Mewara

Associate Professor
Room: F-17, Main Building

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Dr. Jitendra Kumar Deegwal

Associate Professor
Room: F-1, Main Building

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Faculty - Assistant Professors

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Dr. C. P. Jain

Assistant Professor
Room: F-21

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Non-Teaching Staff

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Dinesh Yadav


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Library Attendant
Room: Eic

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Anita Satyavana

Room: F-17

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Rashmi Karandikar

Room: lab s-3

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Sno Date Title Link
2024WEB0442 2024-06-0723/05/24 15 Days In-House Training Schedule for 2nd Semester students of ECE, EI&CE, EE View
2024WEB0426 2024-06-0117/05/24 SPR Presentation View
2024WEB0425 2024-06-0117/05/24 M.Tech I-Semester Uni. Practical Exam Schedule View
2024WEB0367 2024-05-1803/05/24 PhD Copmrehensive order View
2024WEB0353 2024-05-1530/04/24 VIII Semester II Midterm Exam Schedule View
2024WEB0352 2024-05-1530/04/24 VIII Semester University Practical Exam Schedule View
2024WEB0312 2024-04-2106/04/24 VIII Semester I- midterm Schedule View
2024WEB0228 2024-03-1327/02/24 AGRESER Club order View
2024WEB0207 2024-03-0822/02/24 Revised2 IV & VI Semester YY View
2024WEB0173 2024-02-2712/02/24 Revised1 VIII, VI & IV Semester TT View
2024WEB0080 2024-02-0218/01/24 III, V & VII Uni. Practical Exam Schedule View
2024WEB0080 2024-02-0218/01/24 III , V, & VII Semester II-Midterm Exam Schedule View
2024WEB0004 2024-01-1702/01/24 VII Semester Seminar schedule View
2023WEB0895 2024-01-0319/12/23 M.Tech-VLSI & ES 1st Sem TT View
2023WEB0861 2023-12-2308/12/23 Agresar Club order View
2023WEB0859 2023-12-2308/12/23 III Semester Back Imp. 2022-23 View
2023WEB0832 2023-12-0722/11/23 III, V & VII Semester I- Midterm Exam Schedule View
2023WEB0789 2023-11-1904/11/23 Revised III,V & VII Semester TT View
2023WEB0786 2023-11-1702/11/23 III, V, & VII Semester TT 2023-24 View
2023WEB0620 2023-09-2611/09/23 IV & VI Semester back imp. exam notice View
2023WEB0570 2023-09-1228/08/23 IV and VI Sem. University Practical Exam Schedule View
2023WEB0560 2023-09-0925/08/23 IV and VI semester II-Midterm schedule View
2023WEB0459 2023-08-0521/07/23 IV & VI Semester I midterm Shedule View
2023WEB0412 2023-06-2005/06/23 Department news in news paper View
2023WEB0374 2023-06-0117/05/23 VIII Semester Uni. Practical Exam Schedule View
2023WEB0350 2023-05-2106/05/23 VIII Semester University Practical exam schedule View
2023WEB0349 2023-05-2106/05/23 VIII semester II midterm exam View
2023WEB0335 2023-05-1702/05/23 Project progress presentation Notice View
2023WEB0318 2023-05-1227/04/23 Back improvement of III & V Semester View
2023WEB0266 2023-04-2005/04/23 VIII semester 1st midterm schedule View
2023WEB0227 2023-04-0622/03/23 Revised TT for 8th, 6th & 4th semester View
2023WEB0176 2023-03-2409/03/23 IV & VI Semester TT- 2022-23 View
2023WEB0145 2023-03-1427/02/23 VIII Semester TT View
2023WEB0144 2023-03-1427/02/23 VIII Semester TT View
2023WEB0116 2023-03-0821/02/23 5th semester Univ. Practical Exam schedule View
2023WEB0115 2023-03-0821/02/23 3rd semester Univ. Practical Exam Schedule View
2023WEB0103 2023-03-0316/02/23 VII Semester Univ Practical exam schedule View
2023WEB0102 2023-03-0316/02/23 III & V Semester II-midterm TT Schedule View
2023WEB0077 2023-02-2308/02/23 Mercy midterm schedule -VII Semester View
2023WEB0063 2023-02-1702/02/23 II-Midterm Exam-VII Sem View
2022WEB0985 2022-12-2106/12/22 Agraser Club Order View
2022WEB0979 2022-12-2005/12/22 Revised & Extra class TT View
2022WEB0853 2022-10-2106/10/22 Mercy/Improvement Exam Notice View
2022WEB0848 2022-10-1601/10/22 Revised 5th Semester TT View
2022WEB0847 2022-10-1601/10/22 Revised 7th Semester TT View
2022WEB0846 2022-10-1601/10/22 3rd Semester Time Table View
2022WEB0769 2022-10-0217/09/22 V-VII Semester TT 2022-23 View
2022WEB0749 2022-09-2308/09/22 2nd year EIC training schedule View
2022WEB0670 2022-08-2308/08/22 VI sem II midterm schedule View
2022WEB0669 2022-08-2308/08/22 IV semester II midterm schedule View
2022WEB0668 2022-08-2308/08/22 VI sem Univ. Practical schedule View
2022WEB0652 2022-08-1904/08/22 Remedial classes schedule IV & VI Semester View
2022WEB0522 2022-06-1803/06/22 Back exam schedule View
2022WEB0502 2022-06-1127/05/22 VIII Sem Practical exam reschedule View
2022WEB0472 2022-06-0319/05/22 IV Semester University Practical Examination 2021-22 Time table View
2022WEB0471 2022-06-0319/05/22 VIII Sem Mid-2 Examination Schedule View
2022WEB0444 2022-05-2611/05/22 IV Sem Revised Time Table View
2022WEB0339 2022-04-0723/03/22 I MID Term Exam Schedule 2021-22 View
2022WEB0315 2022-03-3015/03/22 VI SEM I MID 2022 View
2022WEB0307 2022-03-2914/03/22 Expert Lecture View
2022WEB0253 2022-03-1225/02/22 VIII Sem I MID Schedule 2022 View
2022WEB0229 2022-03-0922/02/22 IV Sem Revised Time Table View
2022WEB0228 2022-03-0922/02/22 VI Sem Revised Time Table View
2022WEB0227 2022-03-0922/02/22 VIII Sem Revised Time Table View
2022WEB0211 2022-03-0417/02/22 Project Order with details View
2022WEB0191 2022-02-2611/02/22 Final Year Project Presentation Notice View
2022WEB0174 2022-02-2409/02/22 VIII Sem Time Table View
2022WEB0173 2022-02-2409/02/22 VI Sem Time Table View
2022WEB0172 2022-02-2409/02/22 Time Table IV Sem 2022 View
2022WEB0135 2022-02-1127/01/22 VI SEM EIC Time Table View
2022WEB0127 2022-02-0925/01/22 Notice Regarding Guidelines for B. tech final Year Projects View
2022WEB0097 2022-02-0218/01/22 V Sem Practical Exam View
2022WEB0096 2022-02-0218/01/22 III Sem Practical Exam View
2022WEB0071 2022-01-2712/01/22 III & V sem Industrial Training report writing Guidelines View
2022WEB0066 2022-01-2712/01/22 VIII Sem 2021-22 TIme Table View
2022WEB0050 2022-01-2510/01/22 II MID of III Sem View
2022WEB0029 2022-01-2106/01/22 Revised V Sem Time Table View
2022WEB0028 2022-01-2106/01/22 Revised Time Table III Sem View
2021WEB1246 2022-01-0723/12/21 5th Sem midterm schedule View
2021WEB1206 2021-12-2813/12/21 postponed V Sem Practical Exams View
2021WEB1194 2021-12-2510/12/21 mentor order View
2021WEB1193 2021-12-2510/12/21 V sem practical exam schedule View
2021WEB1192 2021-12-2510/12/21 V sem II midterm exam schedule View
2021WEB1191 2021-12-2510/12/21 VII sem Practical exam schedule View
2021WEB1190 2021-12-2510/12/21 VII sem II midterm schedule View
2021WEB1072 2021-11-2510/11/21 EEDM 1st Midterm-VII sem schedule View
2021WEB1046 2021-11-1026/10/21 1st Midterm schedule View
2021WEB0878 2021-09-1702/09/21 V sem Time Table 2021-22 View
2021WEB0878 2021-09-1702/09/21 VII sem Time Table View
2021WEB0876 2021-09-1702/09/21 III sem Time Table -2021 View
2021WEB0783 2021-08-2207/08/21 Project Presentation View
2021WEB0782 2021-08-2207/08/21 Skill Development Presentation View
2021WEB0774 2021-08-2106/08/21 Notice Regarding RTU/BTU Back Improvement & Practical Examination 2020-21 View
2021WEB0773 2021-08-2106/08/21 VIII sem Main/Back Practical Examination 2020-21 Schedule View
2021WEB0717 2021-08-1228/07/21 BTU IV Semester University Practical Exam Main/Back-2021 View
2021WEB0693 2021-08-0420/07/21 Notice Regarding Parent Teacher Meeting View
2021WEB0688 2021-08-0420/07/21 IV Sem Mid-Term-II Exam-2021 Schedule View
2021WEB0655 2021-07-2914/07/21 VI Sem Online University Practical Examination-2021 Schedule View
2021WEB0544 2021-06-1228/05/21 Revised Schedule for Internship/Industrial Training View
2021WEB0543 2021-06-1228/05/21 Schedule of Internship/Industrial Training for III Sem EIC Students View
2021WEB0536 2021-06-0824/05/21 8th sem EIC 2nd mid-term exam schedule View
2021WEB0523 2021-05-3116/05/21 Notice for Workshop View
2021WEB0518 2021-05-2510/05/21 6th sem EIC 2nd mid-term exam schedule View
2021WEB0501 2021-05-2005/05/21 4th Sem MID-Term Exam View
2021WEB0497 2021-05-1904/05/21 6th sem mid-term exam schedule View
2021WEB0419 2021-04-2207/04/21 IV sem Subject Faculty List View
2021WEB0391 2021-04-1531/03/21 4th Sem Time Table 2021 View
2021WEB0321 2021-03-3116/03/21 Major Project Approval Form (EIC Final Year) View
2021WEB0319 2021-03-3116/03/21 EIC Major project Notice for final year Students View
2021WEB0292 2021-03-2308/03/21 Office order Regarding Lab Duty NPIU Faculty and Technician View
2021WEB0291 2021-03-2308/03/21 Office Order Regarding Departmental Employee Leave View
2021WEB0286 2021-03-1803/03/21 VIII Sem Online/Offline Time Table View
2021WEB0183 2021-02-2611/02/21 Revised VI Sem Time table (Offline Classes) View
2021WEB0094 2021-02-0622/01/21 Consent for attending the college in offline mode View
2021WEB0093 2021-02-0622/01/21 VII Sem Offline (Optional) Classes Time Table View
2021WEB0086 2021-02-0521/01/21 BTU III SEM Practical Examination (Main/Back) Schedule View
2021WEB0072 2021-02-0319/01/21 GATE Exam Guidance Class View
2021WEB0037 2021-01-2308/01/21 Theory/Practical Back Improvement Examination (III sem BTU & V, VII sem RTU) View
2021WEB0020 2021-01-2005/01/21 Time Table VI Sem 2021 View
2020WEB1231 2020-12-2005/12/20 RTU VII sem University Practical Examination View
2020WEB1230 2020-12-2005/12/20 BTU Vth sem University Practical Examination Schedule View
2020WEB1190 2020-12-1328/11/20 Industrial Tranning schedule View
2020WEB1189 2020-12-1328/11/20 Guideline for Industrial Training Seminar View
2020WEB1188 2020-12-1328/11/20 Employability Skill Test View
2020WEB1178 2020-12-1025/11/20 VII sem 2nd Online Mid Term Exam Schedule View
2020WEB1155 2020-12-0116/11/20 BTU Second Mid Term Exam Schedule (III & V Sem) and Guidelines View
2020WEB1154 2020-11-3015/11/20 Brochure of e-STTP on Automation, Control & Intelligent Systems from 23 Nov-27 Nov 2020 View
2020WEB1091 2020-11-0723/10/20 Online e-STTP on "Recent Trends in Instrumentation, Measurement & Automation" from 26 Oct to 30 Oct 2020 View
2020WEB0957 2020-10-1429/09/20 RTU VIII Sem (2019-20) Main/Back External Practical Examination Schedule View
2020WEB0936 2020-10-0722/09/20 VII Sem First Mid-Term Online Exam Schedule (RTU) View
2020WEB0904 2020-09-2510/09/20 BTU First Mid Term Online Exam Schedule (III & V Sem) View
2020WEB0839 2020-08-2005/08/20 Back Improvement Exam Time Table of IV, VI, VIII Semester View
2020WEB0778 2020-07-2308/07/20 Seminar Notice for 7 Sem, Final Year View
2020WEB0771 2020-07-1904/07/20 Time Table III, V, VII Sem EICE View
2020WEB0751 2020-07-1530/06/20 V sem Time Table July 2020 View
2020WEB0750 2020-07-1530/06/20 III sem TIme Table View
2020WEB0664 2020-06-0824/05/20 IV Sem Mercy Exam Schedule View
2020WEB0588 2020-05-1530/04/20 Seminar Notice 2019-2020 even sem View
2020WEB0560 2020-05-0318/04/20 IV Sem Mid-Term-II Exam Schedule & BTU Guideline View
2020WEB0543 2020-04-2813/04/20 Regarding rescheduling of Mid term-II (VI & VIII Sem) View
2020WEB0540 2020-04-2510/04/20 II Mid-Term Online Exam Schedule (VI & VIII Sem) View
2020WEB0531 2020-04-1702/04/20 Link for E- Lecture Details (EICE Dept.) View
2020WEB0440 2020-03-1803/03/20 Regarding One day workshop on 04/03/2020 View
2020WEB0346 2020-03-1226/02/20 One day workshop by Technest View
2020WEB0327 2020-03-1024/02/20 I MID Test Time Table for IV Sem View
2020WEB0318 2020-03-0822/02/20 VIII SEM MID-2 SCHEDULE View
2020WEB0285 2020-02-2914/02/20 Office order IV year Student Parents meeting View
2020WEB0284 2020-02-2914/02/20 Office order III year Student Parents meeting View
2020WEB0283 2020-02-2914/02/20 Office order II year Student Parents meeting View
2020WEB0281 2020-02-2914/02/20 I MID Test Time Table View
2020WEB0239 2020-02-2207/02/20 Notice regarding schedule of Major Project Presentation(VIII Sem) View
2020WEB0190 2020-02-1531/01/20 VIII Sem Seminar Schedule View
2020WEB0177 2020-02-1329/01/20 Seminar on Gate 2020 guidance View
2020WEB0143 2020-02-0723/01/20 Revised Time-Table of EIC VI sem View
2020WEB0142 2020-02-0723/01/20 Revised time table of VI View
2020WEB0141 2020-02-0723/01/20 Revised Time table of IV Sem View
2020WEB0109 2020-01-3015/01/20 Notice regarding Class attendance View
2020WEB0105 2020-01-3015/01/20 Revised IV Sem Time Table View
2020WEB0083 2020-01-2510/01/20 Seminar Notice for 8 Sem, Final Year View
2020WEB0060 2020-01-2409/01/20 Project II Registration and Approval Form View
2020WEB0059 2020-01-2409/01/20 Project II Guidelines View
2020WEB0023 2020-01-1904/01/20 Guest Lecture View
2020WEB0001 2020-01-1601/01/20 Link for Registration of STC RTIM 2020 (Jan.6-10,2020) View
2019WEB1683 2020-01-1026/12/19 6th Sem Revised TIme Table 2019-20 View
2019WEB1682 2020-01-1026/12/19 8th Sem Revised Time Table 2019-20 View
2019WEB1587 2019-12-2005/12/19 3rd Sem Technical Communication syllabus for Mercy/ Back Improvement exam View
2019WEB1564 2019-12-1702/12/19 III Sem Revised Mercy/Back Improvement Time table View
2019WEB1561 2019-12-1530/11/19 III Semester University Practical Exam (Back) Schedule View
2019WEB1560 2019-12-1530/11/19 V sem University Practical Examination Schedule (Back Only) View
2019WEB1559 2019-12-1530/11/19 Revised minor project presentation schedule VII Sem View
2019WEB1542 2019-12-1328/11/19 V Sem & VII Sem University Practical Exam Schedule 2019-20 (Main/Back) View
2019WEB1458 2019-11-3015/11/19 III Semester University Practical Exam 2019-20 Schedule View
2019WEB1349 2019-10-2914/10/19 Notice regarding rescheduling of V sem Back Improvement Exam View
2019WEB1341 2019-10-2611/10/19 Back Improvement Exam Schedule for V Sem and VII Sem View
2019WEB1305 2019-10-2409/10/19 EIC-III Sem- Mid-II Schedule View
2019WEB1304 2019-10-2409/10/19 EIC V & VII Sem Mid-II Schedule View
2019WEB1189 2019-10-0823/09/19 VII Sem Revised Time Table View
2019WEB1180 2019-10-0823/09/19 V Sem Revised Time Table View
2019WEB1179 2019-10-0823/09/19 III Sem Revised Time Table View
2019WEB1074 2019-09-1430/08/19 Expert Lecture on 5G Communication by Dr karan Verma View
2019WEB1055 2019-09-1228/08/19 schedules of Project Presentation EIC IV Year View
2019WEB1030 2019-09-0824/08/19 Expert Lecture on DFT, FFT & filters for V and VII Semester View
2019WEB1018 2019-09-0824/08/19 V Sem Revised Time Table View
2019WEB0998 2019-09-0420/08/19 Revised VII Sem MidTerm-I Exam Schedule View
2019WEB0997 2019-09-0420/08/19 V Sem Mid Term -I Exam Schedule View
2019WEB0996 2019-09-0420/08/19 Revised III sem Mid Term -I Exam Schedule View
2019WEB0980 2019-08-3116/08/19 VII Sem Mid-Term-I Exam Schedule View
2019WEB0979 2019-08-3116/08/19 III Sem Midterm-I Exam Schedule View
2019WEB0935 2019-08-2005/08/19 III SEM Revised Time table View
2019WEB0858 2019-08-0723/07/19 Seminar Notice for 7 Sem, Final Year View
2019WEB0857 2019-08-0723/07/19 Project Notice for 7 Sem View
2019WEB0854 2019-08-0622/07/19 V sem Time table 2019 View
2019WEB0769 2019-07-2308/07/19 Time-Table of EIC 7th sem View
2019WEB0768 2019-07-2308/07/19 Time-Table of EICE 3rd Sem View
2019WEB0665 2019-06-2914/06/19 Short listed students for internship/Industrial Training Programme View
2019WEB0653 2019-06-2611/06/19 Notice for presentation on summer training program View
2019WEB0652 2019-06-2611/06/19 Induction /internship program for II year form link for Registration View
2019WEB0651 2019-06-2611/06/19 Induction / Internship program for II year students View
2019WEB0493 2019-05-1803/05/19 IV Semester Back Improvement/Mercy Exam 2018-19 View
2019WEB0492 2019-05-1803/05/19 VIII Sem University Practical Exam (Main/Back) 2018-19 View
2019WEB0475 2019-05-1530/04/19 Revised Notice for Major Project Presentation(VIII Sem) View
2019WEB0434 2019-05-0823/04/19 4th Sem University Practical Examination (Main/Back) 2018-19 Schedule View
2019WEB0432 2019-05-0823/04/19 Final Year Major Project Presentation Schedule View
2019WEB0420 2019-05-0621/04/19 4th SEM Mid Term-II Time table View
2019WEB0387 2019-04-1803/04/19 Expert Lecture by Prof Purshotam Pranajape View
2019WEB0386 2019-04-1803/04/19 Notice for all students of Institute: Expert Lecture by Prof Purshotam Pranajape View
2019WEB0385 2019-04-1803/04/19 For All Teaching and Non teaching staff : Expert lecture by Prof Purshotam Pranajape on 4 April 2019 View
2019WEB0382 2019-04-1702/04/19 PARENTS MEETING View
2019WEB0378 2019-04-1702/04/19 Final Reminder Notice for Seminar View
2019WEB0377 2019-04-1601/04/19 VI sem Back Improvement/Mercy exam Schedule View
2019WEB0363 2019-04-1329/03/19 Order regarding EIC dept NBA Coordinator View
2019WEB0356 2019-04-1228/03/19 University Practical Schedule VI Sem (Main/Back) View
2019WEB0328 2019-04-0319/03/19 Final Year Internal Project Presentation Schedule View
2019WEB0327 2019-04-0319/03/19 II Mid Term Schedule (VI & VIII) View
2019WEB0310 2019-03-2813/03/19 Expert Lecture on SAFETY AND SECURITY IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING by Prof Ranjan Maheshwari View
2019WEB0220 2019-03-0518/02/19 Revised First Midterm exam Schedules View
2019WEB0202 2019-03-0114/02/19 Expert Talk on career opportunities View
2019WEB0165 2019-02-1904/02/19 Revised Time Table- VIII Semester View
2019WEB0159 2019-02-1531/01/19 Seminar Schedule for VIII Sem View
2019WEB0158 2019-02-1531/01/19 Notice regarding Seminar Supervisor View
2019WEB0157 2019-02-1531/01/19 Notice regarding Book donation event View
2019WEB0156 2019-02-1531/01/19 Notice regarding Book donation event View
2019WEB0155 2019-02-1531/01/19 Notice for Expert talk on carrier opportunities View
2019WEB0141 2019-02-1430/01/19 Notice for Final Year Project Presentation Schedule View
2019WEB0140 2019-02-1430/01/19 Revised Time Table- VI Semester View
2019WEB0132 2019-02-0925/01/19 Revised Time Table- VI Semester View
2019WEB0130 2019-02-0824/01/19 Revised Time Table- IV Semester View
2019WEB0084 2019-01-3015/01/19 EIC- VI Semester Revised Time table View
2019WEB0083 2019-01-3015/01/19 EIC-IV Semester Time Table View
2019WEB0030 2019-01-2611/01/19 Notice Regarding short attendance View
2019WEB0029 2019-01-2611/01/19 EIC GATE Training Classes Time Table View
2019WEB0028 2019-01-1803/01/19 Notice Regarding Project-II(Sem-VIII) EIC dept. View
2019WEB0027 2019-01-1803/01/19 Notice: III Sem EIC University Practical Examination Time Table (Revised) View
2018OWEB0062 2018-12-2510/12/18 EIC-VIII Sem Time Table View
2018OWEB0061 2018-12-2510/12/18 EIC-VI Sem Time table View
2018OWEB0060 2018-12-2005/12/18 EIC-III Sem Mecry/Back Improvement Test Schedule View
2018OWEB0059 2018-12-0924/11/18 Notice regarding III Sem Uni. Practical Examination View
2018OWEB0057 2018-11-2914/11/18 III SEM Main/ Back Mid Term-II Time Table-2018 View
2018OWEB0056 2018-11-0218/10/18 VII and V SEM university Practical / back , improvement mid term time table View
2018OWEB0055 2018-10-2712/10/18 workshop notice VII sem View
2018OWEB0054 2018-10-2005/10/18 Notice for Employability Test and Reschedule of V Sem Mid Term II View
2018OWEB0052 2018-10-1429/09/18 Minor Project Presentation Notice View
2018OWEB0051 2018-10-1429/09/18 Mid Term Time Table View
2018OWEB0050 2018-09-3015/09/18 Parent Teacher Meeting Notice View
2018OWEB0049 2018-09-2510/09/18 Industrial visit order View
2018OWEB0048 2018-08-1803/08/18 VII Sem Seminar Schedule 2018 View
2018OWEB0047 2018-08-1803/08/18 VII Sem Seminar Schedule 2018 View
2018OWEB0046 2018-08-1430/07/18 Office Order Regarding attendance VII Sem View
2018OWEB0045 2018-08-1430/07/18 Office Order Regarding attendance VII Sem View
2018OWEB0038 2018-08-0925/07/18 VII Sem Project Notice View
2018OWEB0037 2018-07-1702/07/18 II Sem training program View
2018OWEB0036 2018-05-2207/05/18 assignment submission View
2018OWEB0035 2018-05-1126/04/18 VIII Sem revised practical exam schedule View
2018OWEB0034 2018-05-1126/04/18 IV sem mercy back mid term time table View
2018OWEB0033 2018-05-0217/04/18 Revised VI Sem Practical Time Table View
2018OWEB0032 2018-04-2813/04/18 University practical exam and mercy - Back exam schudle of VIII, VI, IV Sem View
2018OWEB0031 2018-04-2712/04/18 IV sem mid term II Time table View
2018OWEB0030 2018-04-1904/04/18 Final year project demo View
2018OWEB0029 2018-04-0824/03/18 VI & VIII Sem second mid term time table View
2018OWEB0028 2018-04-0622/03/18 Revised seminar schedule VIII Sem View
2018OWEB0027 2018-03-1528/02/18 VIII Sem Seminar Schedule View
2018OWEB0026 2018-03-1528/02/18 VIII Sem Seminar Schedule View
2018OWEB0025 2018-02-2712/02/18 I-Midterm Exam Time table for Even Semster 2017-18 View
2018OWEB0021 2018-02-2005/02/18 Project and Seminar submission date for VIII Sem EIC View
2018OWEB0020 2018-02-0723/01/18 Notice for regular attending the classes View
2017OWEB0013 2017-12-1601/12/17 V Sem Practical revised time table-2017 View
2017OWEB0012 2017-12-0318/11/17 III and VII SEM MERCY BACK MID TERM-II TIME TABLE View
2017OWEB0011 2017-12-0318/11/17 III and V SEM MERCY BACK MID TERM TIME TABLE View
2017OWEB0010 2017-12-0318/11/17 VII Sem Practical time table-2017 View
2017OWEB0009 2017-12-0318/11/17 V Sem Practical time table-2017 View
2017OWEB0008 2017-12-0318/11/17 III SEM PRACTICAL TIME TABLE-2017 View
2017OWEB0007 2017-12-0318/11/17 III SEM PRACTICAL TIME TABLE-2017 View
2017OWEB0006 2017-11-1228/10/17 Mid Term II Time Table View
2017OWEB0005 2017-11-1228/10/17 Mid Term II Time Table View
2017OWEB0004 2017-09-2106/09/17 Mid Term I Time Table View
2017OWEB0003 2017-09-0824/08/17 Time Table View
2017OWEB0002 2017-09-0824/08/17 Time Table View
2017OWEB0001 2017-09-0824/08/17 Time Tale View
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Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab

Room:-S-3, A
Lab Incharge:-Dr. C P Jain
Lab Technician:-Mrs. Rashmi
Lab Attendent:-Mr. Kanaram

Computational (Simulation) Lab

Room:-F 17
Lab Incharge:-Dr H S Mewara
Lab Technician:-Mrs. Rashmi
Lab Attendent:-Mr. Kanaram

Process Control Lab

Lab Incharge:-Dr. C P Jain
Lab Technician:-Mrs. Anita
Lab Attendent:-Mr. Kanaram

Transducer Lab

Room:-S-3, B
Lab Incharge:-Mr. Ajay Dadhich
Lab Technician:-Mrs. Rashmi
Lab Attendent:-Mr. Kanaram

Measurement & Instrumentation Lab

Room:-S-3, A
Lab Incharge:-Mr. Ajay Dadhich
Lab Technician:-Mrs. Rashmi
Lab Attendent:-Mr. Kanaram

Electronics Lab

Lab Incharge:-Mr. Ajay Dadhich
Lab Technician:-Mrs. Rashmi
Lab Attendent:-Mr. Kanaram

Control Engineering Lab

Lab Incharge:-Dr H S Mewara
Lab Technician:-Mrs. Anita
Lab Attendent:-Mr. Kanaram

Instrumentation Workshop

Lab Incharge:-Dr H S Mewara
Lab Technician:-Mrs. Anita
Lab Attendent:-Mr. Kanaram

Department Achievements

  • Rajasthan Technical University, Kota Final Merit List Bachelor of technology og Electronic Instrumentation & Control Engg. Session 2013-17

  • Megha Malhotra 13EEAEI022 78.86 Rank /Merit 1

  • Surbhi Suwal 13EEAEI054 77.89 Rank /Merit 3

  • Poonam Gupta 13EEAEI034 75.48 Rank /Merit 8

  • Ritesh Kumar Panda 13EEAEI042 75.28 Rank /Merit 9

  • Surabhi Adapa 13EEAEI053 75.19 Rank /Merit 10

  • Rajasthan Technical University, Kota Final Merit List Bachelor of technology og Electronic Instrumentation & Control Engg. Session 2014-18

  • Shashank Chaturvedi 14EEAEI053 78.80 Rank /Merit 1

  • Rajat Jain 14EEAEI044 75.52 Rank /Merit 2

  • Anupriya Pandey 14EEAEI006 72.90 Rank /Merit 5

  • Heera Lal 14EEAEI019 72.76 Rank /Merit 6

  • Nisha Verma 14EEAEI037 72.14 Rank /Merit 7

  • Sweety Ojha 15EEAEI206 71.55 Rank /Merit 10

  • Ongoing Projects:- An efficient solar PV based hybrid multioutput converter for standalone application, by Mr. Raj Kumar Yadav, Dr. C.P.Jain, Rs. 13.72 Lakhs

  • Ongoing Projects:-ASPIRE, Livelihood Business Incubator (LBI),Dr. J. K. Deegwal, Dr. H S Mewada,MSME, Rs79 Lakh

  • Ongoing Projects:-Detection of heavy metals in water by Nano-sensor Electrodes, by Dr. Anup Kumar Sharma,Dr. H.S.Mewara, Atul Kumar Sharma, Rs.12.32 Lakhs

  • Ongoing Projects:-Band gap optimization of CNT thin film for nano optical antenna and other optoelectronic Mr. Atul Kumar Sharma, Dr. H.S.Mewara, Dr. Anup Kumar Sharma, Rs 8.12 Lakhs

  • Ongoing Projects:-Adaptive Bio-Impedance Based monitoring system for medical and industrial applications, by Mr. Ramesh Kumar Meena, Dr. H.S.Mewara,Rs 4.11 Lakhs

  • Rajasthan Technical University, Kota Final Merit List Bachelor of technology of Electronic Instrumentation & Control Engg. Session 2012-16

  • Neha Kumari Singhal 12EEAEI032 77.95 Rank /Merit 7

  • Akshay Tunwal 12EEAEI001 76.60 Rank /Merit 8