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"A" Grade Engineering College

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2024WEB0516 2024-07-2409/07/24 Rent Order   View
2024WEB0306 2024-04-1803/04/24 GPA order 2024 View
2024WEB0172 2024-02-2712/02/24 Fee Structure 2023-24 Even Sem View
2024WEB0152 2024-02-2207/02/24 Budget Proposal 2024-25 View
2024WEB0126 2024-02-1702/02/24 Income Tax Order 2023-24 View
2024WEB0025 2024-01-2106/01/24 Mtech MBA MCA student due fee list View
2024WEB0023 2024-01-2106/01/24 5th Sem Student Fee list View
2024WEB0022 2024-01-2106/01/24 B.Tech 7th Sem Student fee list View
2023WEB0866 2023-12-2611/12/23 Income Tax Form Order 2023-24 View
2023WEB0648 2023-10-0318/09/23 Office order for Cheque Deposit View
2023WEB0632 2023-09-2712/09/23 Fee Order for II year onwards FY 2023-24 View
2023WEB0523 2023-08-3116/08/23 OPS order regarding NPS and CPF Society Contribution View
2023WEB0516 2023-08-2914/08/23 Hostel Fee Order View
2023WEB0472 2023-08-0824/07/23 Fee Structure 2023-24 View
2023WEB0464 2023-08-0622/07/23 B.Tech 4 Sem Students Due Fee List View
2023WEB0463 2023-08-0622/07/23 B.Tech 6 Sem Student Due Fee List View
2023WEB0462 2023-08-0622/07/23 B.Tech 2 Sem Student Due Fee List View
2023WEB0396 2023-06-0824/05/23 Important Information regarding GPF-SAB View
2023WEB0394 2023-06-0723/05/23 Sports Items Order View
2023WEB0352 2023-05-2106/05/23 April Salary Order View
2023WEB0326 2023-05-1429/04/23 Hostel Fee Order View
2023WEB0299 2023-05-0520/04/23 Student Due Fee list of B.Tech 8 Sem View
2023WEB0298 2023-05-0520/04/23 Student Due Fee List B.Tech VI Sem View
2023WEB0297 2023-05-0419/04/23 GPA Order View
2023WEB0158 2023-03-1803/03/23 Fee Order 2 View
2023WEB0058 2023-02-1601/02/23 Faculty No Dues Format View
2022WEB0950 2022-12-1530/11/22 Income Tax Order for 2022-23 View
2022WEB0867 2022-10-2712/10/22 B.Tech 7 sem due fee list View
2022WEB0866 2022-10-2712/10/22 B.Tech 7 sem due fee list View
2022WEB0865 2022-10-2712/10/22 B.Tech 5 Sem Due Fee List View
2022WEB0763 2022-09-3015/09/22 Budget Commitee Order View
2022WEB0719 2022-09-0723/08/22 Ph.d Due List View
2022WEB0712 2022-09-0420/08/22 Urgent Order for Due Fees View
2022WEB0689 2022-08-2712/08/22 B.Tech and Mtech 4 Sem Due Fee List View
2022WEB0688 2022-08-2712/08/22 Revised B.Tech and MCA 6 sem Due Fee List View
2022WEB0678 2022-08-2510/08/22 Revised B.Tech, M.Tech and MCA 2 Sem Due Fee List View
2022WEB0677 2022-08-2510/08/22 Office Order regarding Purchase View
2022WEB0665 2022-08-2106/08/22 Girls Hostel Cooler Payment Order View
2022WEB0651 2022-08-1904/08/22 Fee Order for Year 2022-23 View
2022WEB0601 2022-07-1702/07/22 Hostel Fee Order View
2022WEB0582 2022-07-1530/06/22 Important Income Tax Order View
2022WEB0561 2022-06-3015/06/22 B.Tech Degree Fee adjusted in Caution Money View
2022WEB0524 2022-06-1904/06/22 Hostel No Dues Form View
2022WEB0512 2022-06-1430/05/22 Student Due Fees List of, MBA,, MCA sem 2,4,6 and 8 View
2022WEB0489 2022-06-0521/05/22 Hostel Fee Order View
2022WEB0470 2022-06-0218/05/22 MCA Degree Fee Order View
2022WEB0269 2022-03-1803/03/22 Phd Due List View
2022WEB0183 2022-02-2510/02/22 Income Tax Form Deposit Notice View
2022WEB0148 2022-02-1601/02/22 Fee Order for 2,4,6 and 8 Sem View
2022WEB0069 2022-01-2712/01/22 Income Tax Calculation Form View
2022WEB0022 2022-01-2005/01/22 Income Tax Form Deposit Notice View
2021WEB1135 2021-12-1227/11/21 5 Sem Due Fee Student List View
2021WEB1134 2021-12-1227/11/21 7 Sem Due Fee Student list View
2021WEB1133 2021-12-1227/11/21 3 Sem Due Fee Student List View
2021WEB1021 2021-11-0420/10/21 B.Tech Ist Year Fee Structure View
2021WEB1003 2021-10-2611/10/21 Hostel Fee Notice 2021-22 View
2021WEB0964 2021-10-1025/09/21 Purchase Committee View
2021WEB0856 2021-09-1228/08/21 Fee Order (EC Bikaner transfered Student) View
2021WEB0660 2021-07-3015/07/21 Notice for Dept Regarding Caution Money View
2021WEB0645 2021-07-2813/07/21 Student Due Fee List of 2 Sem View
2021WEB0624 2021-07-2106/07/21 Notice for CRS Project PI/Co-PI View
2021WEB0599 2021-07-1126/06/21 Due Fee List of 4th Sem View
2021WEB0596 2021-07-0722/06/21 Due Fee List of 6th Sem Students View
2021WEB0574 2021-06-2510/06/21 Due Fee List of B.Tech 8th Sem View
2021WEB0541 2021-06-0925/05/21 IV Sem Student Due Fee List View
2021WEB0540 2021-06-0925/05/21 II Sem Student Due Fee List View
2021WEB0522 2021-05-2914/05/21 Group Accidental Insurance Premium Order View
2021WEB0422 2021-04-2308/04/21 Fee Deposition Procedure through ERP View
2021WEB0416 2021-04-2106/04/21 Due Fee List of 6th and 8th Sem Students View
2021WEB0296 2021-03-2409/03/21 Revised Income Tax Notice View
2021WEB0291 2021-03-1904/03/21 6th Sem Due Fee Order View
2021WEB0229 2021-03-0417/02/21 College Budget FY 2021-22 View
2021WEB0175 2021-02-2510/02/21 Income Tax Notice View
2021WEB0156 2021-02-2308/02/21 Hostel Fee Notice View
2021WEB0121 2021-02-1430/01/21 Fee Order for Even Semester View
2020WEB1251 2020-12-2914/12/20 Income Tax Form AY 21-22 Order View
2020WEB0921 2020-10-0217/09/20 Online Fee procedure for New Students View
2020WEB0909 2020-09-2611/09/20 Student Due Fee List of III, V and VII Sem View
2020WEB0706 2020-06-2712/06/20 Fee Order for, MBA, MCA and MTech Ist Sem View
2020WEB0700 2020-06-2611/06/20 Fee order Odd Sem View
2020WEB0431 2020-03-1803/03/20 Degree Due Fee Order View
2020WEB0430 2020-03-1803/03/20 Degree Due Fee Order View
2020WEB0312 2020-03-0620/02/20 Budget Format for Various Depts View
2020WEB0311 2020-03-0519/02/20 Income Tax Notice 3 View
2020WEB0263 2020-02-2510/02/20 Process for Duplicate Receipt Generation View
2020WEB0256 2020-02-2308/02/20 Office order regarding TA and Other Exp View
2020WEB0236 2020-02-2207/02/20 Income Tax Notice View
2020WEB0211 2020-02-1803/02/20 Hostel Notice View
2020WEB0201 2020-02-1601/02/20 Student Due Fee Order View
2020WEB0200 2020-02-1601/02/20 office order regarding Hostel work by Pukhraj View
2019WEB1657 2020-01-0420/12/19 Income Tax Calculation Form FY 2019-20 View
2019WEB1641 2019-12-2712/12/19 Income Tax HRA Form FY 2019-20 View
2019WEB1640 2019-12-2712/12/19 Income Tax form FY 2019-20 View
2019WEB1624 2019-12-2510/12/19 Exam Rem Order-1 View
2019WEB1623 2019-12-2510/12/19 Exam Rem Order-4 View
2019WEB1622 2019-12-2510/12/19 Exam Rem Order-3 View
2019WEB1621 2019-12-2510/12/19 Exam Rem Order-2 View
2019WEB1610 2019-12-2510/12/19 Income Tax Notice FY 2019-20 View
2019WEB1596 2019-12-2207/12/19 Fee Deposit Process View
2019WEB1537 2019-12-1328/11/19 Student Even Sem Fee Structure View
2019WEB1425 2019-11-2207/11/19 Excess Fee Payment Order View
2019WEB1245 2019-10-1328/09/19 New TA/DA order View
2019WEB1141 2019-10-0217/09/19 CPF Non Teaching Employee DA order View
2019WEB1126 2019-09-2712/09/19 Student Exam Fee Difference Order View
2019WEB1122 2019-09-2611/09/19 Student Due Fee List of I to VII Sem View
2019WEB0723 2019-07-1328/06/19 Revised Fee Structure for Ist Year Students View
2019WEB0683 2019-07-0318/06/19 Fee Structure III, V & VII Sem FY 2019-20 View
2019WEB0682 2019-07-0318/06/19 Fee Structure I Sem FY 2019-20 View
2019WEB0649 2019-06-2611/06/19 Fee Order Even Semester View
2019WEB0624 2019-06-1904/06/19 House Rent Allowance Notice View
2019WEB0623 2019-06-1904/06/19 Income Tax Notice-3 View
2019WEB0509 2019-05-1904/05/19 Bank Information for Projects View
2019WEB0455 2019-05-1227/04/19 Photocopy Order View
2019WEB0315 2019-03-2813/03/19 Extra Fees Refund with Caution Money View
2019WEB0247 2019-03-1023/02/19 Student Due Fee List of I to VIII Sem View
2019WEB0246 2019-03-1023/02/19 Student Due Fee List of I to VI Sem View
2019WEB0245 2019-03-1023/02/19 Student Due Fee List of I to IV Sem View
2019WEB0244 2019-03-1023/02/19 Student Due Fee List of I to II Sem View
2019WEB0233 2019-03-0619/02/19 Income Tax Notice 2 View
2019WEB0167 2019-02-1904/02/19 Income Tax Notice FY 2018-19 View
2019WEB0115 2019-02-0521/01/19 Mediclaim Policy FY 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0057 2018-12-3015/12/18 SFS to TFWS Student Fee Refund (B) View
2018OWEB0056 2018-12-3015/12/18 SFS to TFWS Student Fee Refund (A) View
2018OWEB0055 2018-12-3015/12/18 Ist Year Enrollment Excess Fee Refund (B) View
2018OWEB0054 2018-12-3015/12/18 Ist Year Enrollment Excess Fee Refund (A) View
2018OWEB0053 2018-12-2813/12/18 DA Arrear Jan To April 2018 View
2018OWEB0052 2018-12-2712/12/18 Income Tax Imp. Notice View
2018OWEB0051 2018-12-2712/12/18 Income Tax Form Offline View
2018OWEB0050 2018-12-2712/12/18 DA Arrear List View
2018OWEB0049 2018-12-2712/12/18 Income Tax Calculation Form FY 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0048 2018-12-2712/12/18 Phd Students Due List FY 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0047 2018-12-2005/12/18 Income Tax Notice View
2018OWEB0045 2018-12-1429/11/18 Fee Order for B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA & MCA II, IV, VI & VIII View
2018OWEB0044 2018-10-1328/09/18 Due Fee List of III sem, V sem & VII sem Students View
2018OWEB0043 2018-10-1126/09/18 Dr. Rekha Mehra TA Order View
2018OWEB0042 2018-09-0420/08/18 Food Packet Order View
2018OWEB0041 2018-07-1328/06/18 Form 16 & 16 A office order View
2018OWEB0040 2018-07-0520/06/18 Office Order for CA Tender View
2018OWEB0039 2018-06-2106/06/18 Fee Order For Even Semester AY 2018-19 View
2018OWEB0038 2018-06-1026/05/18 Implementation of Name & Designation Seal View
2018OWEB0037 2018-06-0723/05/18 Bus Auction Helping Committee View
2018OWEB0036 2018-05-2510/05/18 Caution Money Order View
2018OWEB0035 2018-04-1228/03/18 Office Order regarding Income Tax Form View
2018OWEB0034 2018-03-2409/03/18 VI Sem & Vlll Sem Due Fee List View
2018OWEB0033 2018-03-1427/02/18 College Budget (New) View
2018OWEB0032 2018-03-1124/02/18 College Budget View
2018OWEB0031 2018-02-2005/02/18 Phd Fee Due List View
2018OWEB0030 2018-02-1803/02/18 Income Tax Format View
2018OWEB0029 2018-02-1803/02/18 Income Tax Notice View
2017OWEB0027 2017-12-1904/12/17 PAY MANAGER ORDER (URGENT) View
2017OWEB0026 2017-12-1904/12/17 Office order regarding Paymanager data uploading View
2017OWEB0025 2017-12-1601/12/17 Process for College Fee deposition in SBI Bank through online View
2017OWEB0023 2017-12-1530/11/17 Fee Structure for Dec & Jan-2018 Semester Fee View
2017OWEB0021 2017-12-1227/11/17 Scrap Notice View
2017OWEB0020 2017-12-0924/11/17 Income Tax Calculation Form View
2017OWEB0019 2017-12-0520/11/17 Office order regarding Mediclaim Process View
2017OWEB0018 2017-11-3015/11/17 TA/DA Format for Various Committe payment View
2017OWEB0016 2017-11-0824/10/17 Oath Letter for Mediclaim View
2017OWEB0014 2017-11-0824/10/17 MBA I Sem Due List View
2017OWEB0013 2017-10-1904/10/17 New TA Rules View
2017OWEB0012 2017-10-0823/09/17 TA Bill Format View
2017OWEB0011 2017-10-0823/09/17 Revised Main Exam Fee Circular View
2017OWEB0010 2017-10-0722/09/17 Circular Regarding Purchase Committe View
2017OWEB0009 2017-10-0722/09/17 Circular Regarding overwriting, rubbing and use of white ink View
2017OWEB0001 2017-10-0318/09/17 RTU Kota Revised Main Exam Fee, Back Exam Fee & Improvement Fee View

S. No Name Designation
1 Dr. Kamlesh Upadhyay Dy. Registrar (F)
2 Sh. Himanshu Mathur Jr. Acct.
3 Sh. Prahalad Sharma Jr. Acct.
4 Sh. Praveen Kumar Gupta Jr. Acct.
5 Sh. K.K. Bhardwaj Jr. Acct.
6 Smt. Santosh Yadav Cashier
7 Sh. Madan Mohan D.E.O
8 Sh. Mahesh Chand Meena LDC