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Computer Applications

About Us

The Department of Computer Application was established in year 2006 with the objective to provide learning in field of software engineering, Computer application and IT and produce high quality ethically world class Software and Computer professional through experienced faculty members, excellent infrastructure and advanced state-of-the-art technology with the ability to adapt the upcoming challenges in information technologies.The Department has qualified and specialized team of faculty members in various streams of computer engineering,computer applications and mathematics to impart quality education.
The department is also approved Research Centre of Bikaner Technical University, Bikaner for Doctoral programme. Presently, 04 Research scholars are pursuing doctoral degree program.


  • Towards creating the effective learning of Information Science, Software Engineering and Technology conforming to international standards to provide valuable resources to the society.

  • Mission

  • M1:    To provide strong theoretical foundation complemented with deep practical training.
  • M2:    To offer state-of-art learning in Information Science,Software engineering and Technology.
  • M3:    To inculcate value-based, socially committed professionalism to the cause of holistic development of students and society.

  • Programmes

  • Ph.D. in Computer Applications
  • MCA (Two years)

  • Ph.D. in Computer Applications

    The department offers fulltime/part-time Ph.D. programs in various areas of specializations of Computer Applications.
    Admission Procedure: BTU Doctoral Admission Test

    Masters in Computer Applications (MCA)

    The Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) is a two-year AICTE approved Full-Time programme. The programme divided in four semesters and last semester have industrial training.

    Programme Educational Outcomes

    PEO1:  To prepare students to excel in the computing profession by providing solid technical foundations in the field of computer applications.
    PEO2:  To provide students comprehensive computing skills like the analysis, design and development of innovative software products to meet the industry needs.
    PEO3:  To motivate students to pursue lifelong learning and to do research as computing professionals and scientists
    PEO4:  To motivate students to communicate and function effectively in teams in multidisciplinary fields within the global, societal and environmental context..

    Programme Specific Outcomes

    PSO1:  Students will able to design, develop and implement interdisciplinary application software projects to meet the demands of industry requirements using modern tools and technologies.
    PSO2:  Students will able to solve real world problems specified with constraints by using modern software tools, resources and techniques.
    PSO3:  Students will able to analyze the societal needs to provide novel solutions through technological based research.
    PSO4:  Students will able to work professionally in software industries with the modern tools , techniques, skills.

    Eligibility of Admission:  Admission to the Masters in Computer Applications Programme shall be open to all the candidates who have
    Passed B.C.A/B.Sc.(Computer Science)/B.Sc.(IT)/B.E.(CSE)/ B.Tech. (CSE) / B.E. (IT) / B.Tech. (IT) or equivalent Degree.
    Passed any graduation degree (e.g.: B.E. / B.Tech. / B.Sc / B.Com. / B.A./ B. Voc./ etc.,) preferably with Mathematics at 10+2 level or at Graduation level .
    Obtained at least 50% marks (45% marks in case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the qualifying examination.
    Admission Process:  Through the Nodal Agency as decided by Technical Education Department, Govt. of Rajasthan
    Course Duration:  Two Years
    Total Seats:  60

    Head Of Department

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    Dr. Amit Kr Chaturvedi

    Head of Department
    Room: F-3

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    Faculty - Assistant Professors

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    Vivek Dubey

    Assistant Professor
    Room: F-5 Main building

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    Gyan Singh

    Assistant Professor
    Room: F-4, Main Building

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    Sanjay Singh

    Assistant Professor
    Room: f-15

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    Featured Alumni

    Portrait photograph of:  Nitin Indora

    Nitin Indora

    Senior consultant

    Portrait photograph of: jai.jpg

    Jai kishan

    Delivery lead

    Portrait photograph of: Bijendra

    Bijendra singh


    Portrait photograph of: bhup

    Bhupendra Kumar

    Deputy Manager
    Concentrix Daksh

    Portrait photograph of:Dharamveer


    Full Stack Developer

    Portrait photograph of:Vikas Mittal

    Vikas Mittal

    Sr.Software Engineer
    Fidelity Information Services

    Portrait photograph of: Bijendra

    Chandan Bala Patni

    Automation Engineer

    Portrait photograph of: bhup

    Yamini Singh

    Team Manager

    Portrait photograph of:Dharamveer

    Pooja Bansal


    Portrait photograph of:ChandraShekhar Garg

    Chandra Shekhar Garg

    DoIT&C Rajasthan
    Public Sector,India

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    Sahil Middha

    Sr. Quality Analyst
    Metacube software

    Portrait photograph of: bhup


    Software Developer
    IndiaNIC Infotech

    Portrait photograph of:Dharamveer

    Ajit Singh Choudhary

    Application Manager
    Qline Biotech

    Portrait photograph of:ChandraShekhar Garg

    Ajay Kumar Bansal

    Sr.Software Development Manager

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    Sawai Singh Charan

    Tech Lead

    Portrait photograph of: bhup

    Ashish Saxena

    Team Lead
    an BPM technology

    Portrait photograph of:Dharamveer

    Sumit Sharma

    Technical lead
    Mrmmbs Vision

    Portrait photograph of:ChandraShekhar Garg

    Anirudh Mathur

    Technical Lead
    360 Cloud Technology

    Portrait photograph of:

    Arjun Sahu

    Senior Consultant

    Portrait photograph of: bhup

    Shubham Tripathi

    Java Developer

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    2020WEB0788 2020-07-2813/07/20 MCA Time Table Odd Sem 2020-21 View



    Lab Incharge:-SH. VIVEK DUBEY
    Lab Technician:-SH. VISHAL BALANI
    Lab Attendent:-SH. UTTAM SINGH


    Lab Incharge:-SH. VIVEK DUBEY
    Lab Technician:-SH. VISHAL BALANI
    Lab Attendent:-SH. UTTAM SINGH


    Lab Incharge:-SH. VIVEK DUBEY
    Lab Technician:-SH. VISHAL BALANI
    Lab Attendent:-SH. UTTAM SINGH

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