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Time-Table 2017-18

Institute is participating in QEEE program started by IIT Madras and Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) with a mandate to bring about comprehensive reforms in technical education. It constitutes of following different methods to deliver live e-Lecturers. This runs through A-View software.

Live two way video classes

• IIT faculty deliver live lecture classes through to participating colleges. The schedule of lectures are sent to colleges priorly and notifications are provided before start of each session.


• A supplement study material with lecture notes, live class videos, discussion forums, assessment and evaluation tools to serve as a reference material for QEEE courses.

Live Labs

• To provide virtual hands-on experience to students on experiments undertaken remotely. It creates an opportunity to work on a real lab experiment tailored to suit their syllabus and curriculum.

Bridge Programs

• To bridge the gap between the initial skills of individuals and what they need to enter and succeed in postsecondary education and career-path employment.

Total VII phases have completed till now. Institute started participate from phase III. These E courses conducts in every semester. Every semester contains 10-12 subject for all branches in which department provies willingness. Every subject contains total 6 hrs class 2 hrs per day. One subject completes in three days.

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