Assistant Professor


Gangamai College of Engineering , Dhule, (M.S.)
Electronics and Telecommunication
Research Advisor:
Prof. Bagul
Bhagwant University, Ajmer
Digital Communication
Research Advisor:
Sh. Sanjay Gurjar
Ph.D (Pursuing):
Bhagwant University, Ajmer
Antenna Design
Research Advisor:
Dr. Uma Shanker Modani

Employment History

Govt. Engineering College Ajmer
Guest Lecturer
2006- till date
Govt. Engineering College Ajmer
Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Antenna Designing

Master's Thesis Guided

  • 1. Dissertation Title" DESIGN Of Band Notch Antennas with Small and Compact Structure for UWB Application to Sort Frequency Interfernce Problem" Student Name: Deepak Kumar Enrolement No.: 13E2EADCMIXP603 Completion Year: 2016
  • Dissertation Title" UWB Antenna with Dual Band Notch for Enhancing the performance of wireless communication" Student Name: Pooja Meena Enrollment No.: 15E2EADCF20P610 Completion Year: November 2017
  • Dissertation Title: A Hybrid Apprach for ECHO Cancellation Telephone System with Estimation of Noise" Student Name: Praveen Jaiman Enrollement No.: 14E2EADCM40P605 Completion Year: May 2018
  • Dissertation Title" Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna with multiband Characteristics for wireless communication System" Student Name: Tanu Agarwal Enrollement No.: 15E2EADCF40P612 Completion Year: January 2019
  • Dissertation Title"Design and Investigation of Ultra Wide Band Antenna with Dual Band nothed Characteristics" Student Name Vinit Tak Enrollement No. 13E2EADCM3XXP616 Completion Year: 2020

    Journal Publications

    • 1.Design of Microstrip UWB Antenna with dual band notch Characteristics. Published in "Advanced Research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering" held at New Delhi, JNU IN 2015
    • 2. A Compact Dual Band Notched UWB Antenna using Inverted T- Shaped slots.Published in "International Journal of Scientific Research and Management (IJSRM) IN 2015. ISSN(E) 2321-3418
    • 3.Design of Triple Band Notch Micro strip UWB Antenna with H-shaped parasitic element in ground plane.Published in " International Journal of Science Technology and Engineering" ISSN online-2349- 784x in 2016
    • 4. A Review Study on Dual Band Notched Antenna for UWB applications. Published in " International Journal of Latest Technology in Engineering Management and Applied Science"(IJLTEMAS), Volume VI,Issue xi, November 2017. ISSN 2278-2540
    • 5. A Planar UWB Antenna Design with Band Notch Characteristics using two identical rectangular slots. Published in "Krishi Sanskriti Publication" held in New Delhi,JNU IN 2018. Volume 5, Issue 2, ISSN-2350-0077, e-ISSN- 2350-0255
    • 6. A Planar Micro strip Patch Antenna design for UWB application with Band Notch Characteristics. Published in " International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts" Volume 6, ISSUE 1, ISSN-2320-2882, Feb. 2018
    • 7.A Hybrid Approach for Echo cancellation in Telephone System with estimation of noise.Published in "International Journal OF Advanced in Management Technology and Engineering Sciences" ISSN- 2249-7455
    • 8. Multiband Reconfigurable Slotted Mocrostrip Patch Antenna.Published in " International Journal of Electronics Engineering" Volume 10, Issue 2, June 2018
    • 9.Butterfly Shaped Single Band Notch Monopole Antenna for UWB Application Published in "International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology" Volume 11, Issue 1, Jan-Feb 2020.
    • 10. Butterfly Shaped Printed Monopole Antenna for UWB Appliations Published in " International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exxploring Engineering" VVolume 9,Issue ,March 2020.
    • 11. UWB Application CCarried By Dual Band Notched Butterfly Shaped Printed Monopole Antenna,Published in " International Journal of Innovative Engineering Management and Research." Volume 09, Issue 05, May 2020.

    Conference/Workshop Publications

    • 1.Challenge in the migration to 4G Mobile Communication. Published in National Conference on" Emerging Trends and Applications in Computer Engineering" held in 2007, at ECAjmer
    • 2. An Adaptive Hybrid Approach for Echo cancellation in Telephone System.Published in "International Conference on Communication and Electronics System" organised by Confyy in association with PPG, Held at Coimbatore in 2017
    • 3. UWB Antenna with Dual Band Notched characteristic having SRR on Patch.Published in "International Conference on Compurter Communication and Electronics" held at Manipal University, Jaipur in 2017. Electronics ISBN-978-1-5090-4708-6
    • 4. A CPW fed slotted enhanced band elliptical antenna with triple band Characteristics.Published in "International Conference on Signal Propagation and Computer Technology"(IEEE) held at ECAjmer from 12-13 July 2014. Print ISBN 978-1-4799-3139-2
    • 5. Reconfigurable fork shape Microstrip patch Antenna for wireless appplications . Published in WRFER International Conference" held at New Delhi in 2018
    • 6. Dual Band Notched Miccrostrip Patcch Antenna with Three Split Ring Resonantor Slots in " International Conferencce on Recent Trends in Communication and Intelligent Systems " held at Arya College of Engineering and Information Tecchnology from 20-21 Novv. 2020.
    • 7. A Dual Band Square Patch Notched Antenna with T and E Slot in "International Conference on Communication and Artifical Intelligence" held at GLA UNIVERSITY Mathura

        Conference/ Seminar/Short Term Training Organized

        • 1.Two Days Workshop on "Hands On with Matlab Under TEQIP III" From 03-04 Sepember, 2016
        • 2. FDP- "Nature Inspired Algorithms for Engineering Applications Under TEQIP III." From 23-27 July 2018
        • 3.FDP on " Recent Trends in Electronics and Communication Under TEQIP III" From 04-08 November 2019
        • 4.STC on " Recent Advancement in Optical and Wireless Communication Techniques" From 19-23 October 2020.

        Workshops/FDP/Trainings Participated

        • 1."Engineering Applications of Matlab" under TEQIP III, from August 04-08, 2015
        • 2."Recent Advancement in Automotive Techonolgy through ICT" Under NITTR,Chandigarh from 10 t0 14 August,2015
        • 3. "Digital Foresincs and Cyber Crimes" organized by NITTR Chandigarh& GWEC Ajmer from 31,2015- September 11,2015.
        • 4. "UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING" one week STP in GEC Ajmer from 26 to 30 September ,2016.
        • 5. " Recents Trends and Technology in Information, Communication & Computing" Two week STP, held in GEC Ajmer from 23rd Feb.- 3rd March,2016
        • 6." Communication & Antenna Design for IOT: One week Workshop held in MNNIT Allahabad from 22-27 September 2017.
        • 7." Active Learning Workshop" Conducted in IIT Bombay from 04-08 June 2018
        • 8. " ANN and Deep Learning" one week FDP conducted by MNIT Jaipur and held in GEC Ajmer from 11-15 June 2018.
        • 9."Differential Equations and their Applications in Sciences and Engineering" held in GEC Ajmer from 1-5 March 2019
        • 10. FDP on " Deep Learning & Applications" Jointly organised by Electronics and ICT Academy from May 27-31.2019
        • 11.FDP on " Robotics & Aritifical Intelligence" Jointly organised by Electronics and ICT Academy from June 24-28,2019
        • 12.FDP on " Embedded Systems & Interfacing Hands on" Jointly organised by Electronics and ICT Academy from June 10-14.2019
        • 13.STP on "Emerging Trends and Innovation in Engineering & Science" held in GEC Ajmer from 22 July to 2 August 2019.
        • 14.Online FDP On "Digital Transformation in Teaching Learning Process" Organised under TEQIP III from 6-22 April 2020
        • 15.Online FDP ON " Internet on Things" organised by CSE Department of NITTR Chandigarh from 15-19 April 2020
        • 16.Online FDP ON " Wellness and Stress Management during Pandemic" organised By Education and Educational Deptt. of NITTTR Chandigarh from 27 April to 01 May 2020
        • 17.Online FDP ON "Internet of Things in Biomedical,Instrumentation,Healthcare and Pharma" organised by "AICTE Academy and Learning (ATAL)" held at Women Engineering College, Ajmer from 12 to 1 October 2020
        • 18.Online Workshop on Universal Human Value on the theme "Inculcating Universal Human Value in Technical Education" organised by AICTE from 19 to 23 August 2020.


          • Life Membership of " Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)".Number LM 131216.

          Administrative Responsibilities

          -From 2006 to 2007.
          1. HOD (ECE).
          -From 2006 to 2008
          2. Members in Various Recruitment Committees for Engineering College Society,Ajmer
          -Established Government Engineering College, Jhalwar in 2007.
          -From 2007-08
          Faculty Incharge Academic affairs in GEC, Jhalwar
          -From 2009 to 2014
          Examination Co-ordinator of GEC, Ajmer
          -From 2011 - till date
          1st Year Co-ordinator of the Department.
          -from 2015-till date
          Guest Faculty Incharge of the Department.
          -From March 2018-June 2018 2007-
          D.R. (Establishment
          -From 2006-2008
          Hostel Warden
          -2019 to till date
          Charge of Registrar in the absence of Registrar
          -In 2019-2020
          Member of Various Technical Committees for the purcchase of Equipments in the Department under TEQIP III i.e 1.Multipurpose Instrument 2. Elecctronics Devices Lab 3. Power Electronics Lab 4. Turnitin Software
          -From 2019 -2020
          Admin of the COLLEGE for Turnitin
          -from 2019 to till date
          Convener of Maintainence of Water cooler of the college