Dhruv Saxena

Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Assistant Professor


B.Tech Civil Engineering:
National Institute of Technology Silchar
Analysis of Open Channel Flow with Fluent ANSYS
Research Advisor:
Prof. A. K. Barbhuiya
M.B.M. Engineering College, JNVU Jodhpur
Computational Analysis of Scouring around Cuboidal Pier in Stream
Research Advisor:
Prof. D.G. Purohit
2018 to Present
MNIT Jaipur
Water Resources Engineering
Research Advisor:
Prof. Gunwant Sharma; Prof. Mahender Choudhary

Employment History

Jan-18 to Present
Government Engineering College Ajmer
Assistant Professor (NPIU)
Oct-17 to Jan - 18
M.B.M. Engineering College, JNVU Jodhpur
Guest Faculty, Structural Engineering Department

Research Interests

Computational Fluid Mechanics,Soil Stabilization of Expansive Soils using waste materials,Computational Stream Flow Analysis,Water Resources Engineering,Remote Sensing & GIS,Hydrologic Modelling

    Journal Publications

    • Dhruv Saxena, Study of Continuity Analysis in INTZE Type Tank using Conventional and Finite Element Method AJER, Vol. 6, Issue-11, pp-00, 2017.
    • Dhruv Saxena, Solar Pump Technology for Water Management; IJETT, Vol. 52, No. 3, Oct 2017.
    • Dhruv Saxena, ËśWater Conservation: Traditional Rain Water Harvesting Systems in Rajasthan; IJETT, Vol. 52, No 2, Oct 2017.
    • Dhruv Saxena, Computational Analysis for Predicting Scouring Around Cuboid Shaped Pier in a Stream; IJETT, Vol. 52, No. 2, Oct 2017.
    • Dhruv Saxena, Effects of Marble Powder and Fine Sand on Properties of Expansive Soil; IJETT, Vol. 52, No. 1, Oct 2017.
    • Dhruv Saxena, Stabilization of Dune Sand with Porcelain Waste as Admixture; IJETT, Vol. 52 No. 1, Oct 2017.

    Conference/Workshop Publications

    • Identification of Swelling Soil and Swelling Pressure. Synopsis: Study on swelling pressure of soil.
    • Geotechnical Remedial Measures: Buildings on Liquefiable Sites. Synopsis: Guidelines for the analysis and design of building foundations, where soil liquefaction is a concern.

      Expert Lectures/Workshops

      • SWAYAM - MOOC Sensitization Workshops for II yr & III yr students of CE

      Conference/ Seminar/Short Term Training Organized

      • One day seminar on "Recent trends in Quality management of Building Construction" at M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur under Structural Engineering Department.

      Workshops/FDP/Trainings Participated

      • One Week workshop on Dynamic Response and Structural Health Monitoring and Training on Rapid Visual Screening.
      • One Week workshop of Faculty Induction Program at IIT Hyderabad
      • One Week workshop on "Earthquake Disaster Mitigation" at NIT Silchar
      • One Week STC on "Numerical Techniques and Their Applications in Engineering"
      • One Week workshop on Advanced Pedagogy at IIT Bombay
      • One month Summer Faculty Internship 2019 at IIT Bombay
      • One Week Short term Course on Renewable Energy Systems and Their Techno-Economic Feasibility in India at GECA (ME)
      • One Week STC on Emerging Trends on Smart & Sustainable Infrastructure at GECA
      • Smart Grid Technologies & Its Applications at ECA
      • Entrepreneurship And Personality Development at ECA
      • ICT Tools for Teaching & Learning at ECA
      • 10 days workshop on DATA SCIENCE & ANALYTICS at IIT Indore

      Recognitions And Certificates

      • Winner of AutoCad Competition 2012 at NIT Silchar under ISTE Techweek.
      • Elected member of Gymkhana Student's Union Body, NIT Silchar 2012-13
      • Marketing Head, Cultural and Technical fests at NIT Silchar
      • SWAYAM AICTE approved FDP courses 2019 - Geosynthetics and Reinforced Earth Structures by IIT Madras
      • SWAYAM AICTE approved FDP courses 2019 - Subsurface Exploration: Importance and Techniques Involved by IIT Guwahati


      • ISTE, NSS, CES (NIT Silchar)
      • Alumni Association NIT Silchar
      • Alumni Association MBM Engineering College Jodhpur

      Administrative Responsibilities

      -GATE Coordinator under Civil Engineering Department
      GATE Coordinator, CE
      -Recently, we took a new initiative "Pehal" with which we have began Cloth Donation Camp.
      Coordinator for Cocurricular activities, CE
      -Member of the Civil Estate Committee at GECA
      Civil Estate, GEC Ajmer
      -Conducting AutoCAD Classes along with designing and managing entire 15 days in house training at CE Dept, GECA
      Coordinator, In house training
      -Member of Technical committee for assistance and smooth conductance of TARANGINI at GEC AJmer
      Technical Committee
      -Responsibilities of finalizing Vision, missions, POs, PEO, PSO, CO for Civil Engineering Dept., GEC Ajmer
      NBA Accreditation Team, CE
      -Conducting Labs and for Student assistance for Projects/Learning
      Co-Incharge, Geo-technical Laboratory, CE
      -Coordinating various workshops, student guidance sessions, helping students with Startup ideas.
      Coordinator, Startup Cell, Dept of CE
      -Faculty Incharge (CE) for Employability & Skill Test 2018, 19.
      Faculty Incharge, EST 2018,19
      -Co-Coordinator Training & Placement (CE)
      Co-Coordinator Training & Placement (CE)
      -Coordinator, Practical Training and Internship assessment of 5th sem & 7th sem students.
      Coordinator, PT&I
      -Faculty coordinator for Deptt. of Civil Engineering, Institute Innovation Council, MHRD (ECA)
      Coordinator, IIC (MHRD)
      -Faculty Incharge & Coordinator, Civil Engineering Department for Students Technical Club, EC Ajmer
      Faculty Incharge, Technical Club, ECA
      -Coordinator, IIPT, Civil Engineering Department. Incharge of organizing various Industrial Visits for students of Civil Engineering.
      Coordinator, Industry Interaction & Practical Training
      -Member, Startup Cell committee, ECA
      Member, Startup Cell committee, ECA
      -Committee Member, Jal Mandir Construction
      Committee Member, Jal Mandir Construction
      -Committee Member, Environmental Engg Lab setup
      Committee Member, Environmental Engg Lab setup

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