Dr Shikha Agarwal

79 Adarsh Nagar ,Ajmer
Assistant Professor


MDS University ,Ajmer
Analytical Chemistry
Research Advisor:
Dr S P Mathur

Employment History

July 2007-till date
Government Engineering College , Ajmer
Assistant Professor

      Journal Publications

      • Improving the Credibility and Accountability of Technical Education in India – International Journal of Education and Information Sciences ,ISSN -2249-0108 Volume-4,Number -2 ,July –December (2014),Pages 161-166
      • Spectrophotometric determination of Cu(II)after adsorption of its 1- allyl-3-(6-methylpyridyl)thiourea complex on Polyurethane foam Journal Indian Chem Society 79,555-556,2002
      • Photometric determination of Co(II) after adsorption of its 1-allyl-3-(5-chloropyridyl)thiourea complex on Polyurethane foam Indian Journal of Chem40 A, 544-545,2001
      • .Photometric determination of Uranium(VI) after adsorption of its 1- allyl-3-(5-chloropyridyl)thiourea complex on Polyurethane foam- Samyak Journal of Chem3(1),17-19,1999

      Conference/Workshop Publications

      • Solid Waste : Trends and Practices in Waste Management in the National Conference on “Waste Management” organized at Bhagwant University ,Ajmer from December 18-19 ,2015
      • ‘Rain water harvesting -A hope for the future’ in UGC sponsored National Conference on Ecological Perspective of Rain Water Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge organised at Government College Ajmer from Jan 3-4,2014
      • Environmental Accounting, Sustainable Development & Environmental Protection Jan 9-11,2012- Sustainable Development in India: Some Issues
      • National Conference on Management & Accountability in Higher Education -January 8-9,2011 Technical Education: Accountability, Professional Ethics and Value Education
      • State level seminar on –Tourism, Biodiversity and Sustainability: Issues and Challenges- Sept 27,2010- Global Warming :A Threat to Global Biodiversity & Tourism Industry
      • National Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences- Oct 3-5,2008 ,Nanotoxicology-Environmental Hazards of Nanoparticles

      Books Publications

      • Engineering Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications (IInd edition ) – Dr ShikhaAgarwal -Cambridge University Press ,New Delhi ISBN :9781108724449 ( 2019)
      • Engineering Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications (JNTU Edition) – Dr ShikhaAgarwal -Cambridge University Press ,New Delhi ISBN :9781316648865 ( 2017)
      • Engineering Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications - Dr Shikha Agarwal -Cambridge University Press ,New Delhi ISBN :9781107476417( 2015)
      • Environmental Engineering & Disaster Management- Dr. Shikha Agarwal& Suresh Sahu- Dhanpat Rai & Co (P) Ltd. New Delhi ( 2010)
      • Environmental Engineering- Dr. Shikha Agarwal & Suresh Sahu - Dhanpat Rai & Co (P) Ltd. New Delhi (2009)

        Conference/ Seminar/Short Term Training Organized

        • • One week Short Term Course on ‘Differential Equations and Their Appplications in Sciences and Engineering’ as a member of the organizing committee organized from March 1-5 , 2019 .
        • • Science and Technology to Save Environment (Under TEQIP II) as Co-coordinator November 23-27th ,2015 (One Week)
        • Induction Training Programme Through ICT’ sponsored by NITTTR, Chandigarh Feb 11-15,2013
        • • One day workshop on ‘Managing in a Flat World’ sponsored by TEQIP

              Administrative Responsibilities

              -To manage the girls hostel
              Cheif Warden of the Girls Hostel
              -To deal with the complaint of sexual harassment against Women at Workplace under the 'Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention ,Prohibition and Redressal Act 2013) '
              Presiding Officer of Womens Cell(Internal Complaints Committee))
              -Assist in the conduction of various examinations in the institute
              Co-Coordinator Examination Cell
              -Assist in the organisation of various cultural activities in the institute
              Member -Creative Art Society